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How many ventilators are available?

An adequate supply of ventilators is one of the key factors that will determine the number of severe cases leading to death by COVID19. Do we have enough ventilators in Malta and Gozo?   There have been countless projections, many curves, models and number crunching available on the public domain. The increase in the rate of infections globally has been fast. ‘Flattening the peak … Read More How many ventilators are available?

Wuhan – where it all started

A couple of months ago this was one of those distant nightmares you hear about on international news sites, like those natural disasters that happen in faraway places.  This is where the nightmare started, on the verge of a possible outbreak here,  at our doorstep today.   Time no is not a luxury we  have right now and being vigilant is all we can … Read More Wuhan – where it all started