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Borscht Mediterranean Style

We live on an island with clear skies and calm waters in the middle of winter and this is Christmas Eve on an island blessed with so many good things in life. I have eaten Borscht both as a clear soup and thick purée and during my last trip to Poland recently with potato dumplings. Here is my Mediterranean version with very little cooking … Read More Borscht Mediterranean Style

Quick chicken and barley stew

This is literally a whats-in-the-fridge stew using seasonal fresh vegetables. You will need a kilo of vegetables to every 500g of meat used. Add a grain or pulse and the result is a great home cooked meal that can be prepared the day before as it improves when left overnight in the fridge. It is such a good feeling to know you have a … Read More Quick chicken and barley stew

A quick weekday meal…. Aromatic Vegetable Quinoa

I came home late from work one day last week and found a very welcome meal awaiting my arrival. A rare occasion with my son cooking a quinoa dish which without doubt was a very pleasant surprise which i hope will happen more often. We ate it warm for supper and it was even tastier the day after as a salad. I possibly prefer … Read More A quick weekday meal…. Aromatic Vegetable Quinoa