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‘My Funny Valentine’

What a treat is was to listen to Kateriana Fenech’s choice of two songs from a selection of well known favourites by Bellini, Puccini, Mozart, Strauss, Gershwin, Porter and others which she will sing tomorrow on Valentine’s Day at Palazzo de la Salle, Valletta at 8 pm.  She will be accompanied by our very own resident pianist Ramona Zammit Formosa.  I just love these … Read More ‘My Funny Valentine’


Chocolate beetroot cupcakes, a healthier Valentine treat

Cup cakes should be fluffy and light. The bulk of processed sugar and the flavour and consistency of butter is often needed to achieve the right consistency in cakes. The recipe can also be used to make a whole cake.


Say it with roses and chocolate

This week celebrates the red rose believed to be the favourite flower of the goddess Venus and hence a symbol of beauty and love. Do remember your loved ones this week 😉   You can watch Valentine’s Edition of Life and Style Weekend by clicking here Photography Rachel Muscat Lea thanks Maria Bonavia at Ange, Geraldine Agius at Screen Fgura, Annalise Micallef for make … Read More Say it with roses and chocolate


Black Forest Smoothie Bowl to share

Smoothie Bowls are a way to boost healthy eating and nutrition all around.

Instead of drinking a smoothie, it ca really replace a meal as they are Delicious filling and nutritious.

You need one high speed blender and some frozen fruit usually to include a banana. If you do not like banana swap with avocado, cannelini beans or frozen zucchini for a similar creamy texture.’


Valentine’s Giveaway from Me to You

We are offering a Valentine tatty teddy for two winners and a Valentine’s key chain for our Valentine’s Day Competition with thanks to Me to You Malta as seen on tv. Simple, LIKE, SHARE and Comment and two winners will be advised on Wednesday morning – just in time to gift your Valentine Tatty Bear to your love one.


Healthy breakfast for two – celebrating Valentine’s Day

I made a breakfast bowl for 2 on tv this week because it is the meal we tend to skip and breakfast that gives such a good boost in terms of energy levels that lasts all day when the right ingredients are chosen.


Valentine’s Day Tart with a no butter crust

‘The coconut milk filling laced with orange zest is set in a flaked almond crust and simply decorated with hand made Tunisian sweets topped with edible roses and a luscious strawberry to finish it off’ You will need: 500g flour 100g coconut 250g sheep’s milk ricotta 1 heaped spoon unrefined sugar 1 tablespoon honey seeds of 1/2 vanilla pod Grated zest of half an orange 2 … Read More Valentine’s Day Tart with a no butter crust

Strawberry & Coconut Tart with a butter free pastry

  Here we have strawberries on a coconut cream inside a coconut crust. I am usg desiccated coconut, flaked coconut, fresh coconut shavings and coconut milk. The fruit is left as close to it’s natural state as possible, no glaze, not overly manipulated, an appreciation of what nature has given us. Following a Mediterranean Diet and reducing the processed ingredients I have used ricotta … Read More Strawberry & Coconut Tart with a butter free pastry


No Bake Valentine Chocolate Pumpkin Heart !

With this recipe I made a heart topped with melted chocolate and gogi berries.   This one is absolutely delicious.  Do try it, even if you are not too health conscious.  I also especially like it as it is a ‘no bake’ recipe, totally effortless and easy.   You will need : 200g dried fruit of your choice, I used cranberries, mixed dried fruit and … Read More No Bake Valentine Chocolate Pumpkin Heart !

‘.. no sincerer love than the love of food’ from the heart of the Mediterranean …. Fleshy Cherry Tart

The lightest, crispiest pastry encases fleshy fresh cherries and toasted flaked almonds enveloped in a good old-fashioned vanilla custard. The tart is topped topped with more cherries… food glorious food, no better way to capture the heart of a loved one … I use a deep 12 inch tart dish Heat the oven to 175 C For the Sweet Pastry: 320g flour 100 g … Read More ‘.. no sincerer love than the love of food’ from the heart of the Mediterranean …. Fleshy Cherry Tart

Valentine bites … Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake goes to follow her dreams in the movie Sweet Dreams making her an ideal Valentine choice and I am today making a simple and straightforward Valentine treat for those who want to make something at home rather than use shop-bought and don’t have the time to spare after a busy work week. These are shortcake squares laced with chopped fresh strawberries and … Read More Valentine bites … Strawberry Shortcake

Celebrating the month of love … A lusty fig tart and more …

The month of February is with us and we all think of Valentine’s day and love is on our mind. Why do people all over the world love a Mediterranean diet? After spending most of my life traveling the world, cooking and eating an eclectic mix of cuisines, I am now on a island in the heart of the Mediterranean where nature works its … Read More Celebrating the month of love … A lusty fig tart and more …