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Catch of the week: Roasted Skate

‘Another great advantage of living on a small island is fresh fish and skate (‘Hamiema’) is very underrated.   It needs very little cooking time and for those that do not like the idea of picking bones this is ideal.  Succulent, soft and moist flesh literally slides off the cartilage; a delicate flavor and to retain its natural moistness, it is best cooked at a … Read More Catch of the week: Roasted Skate

Cannoli Cake Nua

Cake Nua just out of the oven. When you make it at home allow it to cool before sharing 🙂 ‘I love the idea of baking a cake with its own filling.   This week’s cake contains pockets of cannoli filling; the filling is piped into the cake batter and the batter encases the filling during baking.  On tv due to time constraints, we sliced … Read More Cannoli Cake Nua