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Life and Style Weekend

Life and Style Weekend airs today at 12.40 on Net TelevisionĀ  If you miss it, simply go to Net On Demand Link any time Lea thanks her stylist Maria Bonavia, make up artist Analise Micallef and Flormar, Geraldine Agius at Screen Hair Salon Fgura and Denise Marston at DEA Aesthetics and Wellness


oh so colourful in every way, the Maltese Carnival

Maltese carnival week is awaited for by so many. To watch this week’s show click here.   Professor Richard England enjoying ‘When the Saints go marching in’ performed by Adrian Brincat and Ramona Zammit Formosa   Prinjolata and Perlini for our guests by Busy Bee, masks by Posh Party   A book to treasure Our special guest this week, Professor Richard England     … Read More oh so colourful in every way, the Maltese Carnival


Life and Style Weekend

You can watch this week’s show here. We wondered last week what the herb ‘chervil’ was in Maltese and the best suggestion so far was ‘tursin franciz’ Any improvements on that let us know šŸ™‚ šŸ¤© Thank you Rachel at Rachel Muscat Photography for your amazing photos during our live show. Flowers and arrangements by Brian Camilleri at Warda Flower Shop Qormi Lea thanks … Read More Life and Style Weekend


Happy Christmas Everybody x

Happy Christmas everybody!

You can watch the Christmas Edition of the tv show by clicking here

Roasted Grapes

Local grapes are coming towards the end of their season now and for a change I like roasted grapes as a side with my meat and fish dishes. You will need: You will need: 200g white seedless grapes 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar Salt and Pepper 1 spoon chopped fresh mint Preheat oven to 200 C. Combine all ingredients and toss … Read More Roasted Grapes


Butternut squash and bacon muffins

Pumpkin feast is celebrated in a beautiful village up North during the month of October every year. Veronica from Manikata was our tv guest this week and this is her recipe for Pumpkin muffins with cheddar and bacon. They were delicious and you will need: 80ml olive oil 1 onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed or use Garlic Spray 250g butternut squash or … Read More Butternut squash and bacon muffins

Cinnamon Club comes to Malta

A busy kitchen with so much going on, colourful ingredients, the aroma, combination of flavors and textures in each dish, a masterpiece, effortlessly put together by Vivek Singh and his team from the Cinnamon Club yesterday. Follow us for more very soon.

Chocolate Coconut cake with reduced sugar and no butter

Some of my readers tell me that they are not able to get used to the taste of Stevia. Of course Stevia is not processed sugar and our tastebuds need to adjust. This chocolate coconut cake which I made during our show this week has equal quantities of sugar and stevia, with the idea of gradually eliminating sugar. For the chocolate coconut cake you … Read More Chocolate Coconut cake with reduced sugar and no butter

Simplicity is always best: grapefruit, walnuts, blackberries and mint with honey

Although not local, these are Mediterranean blackberries and there is no recipe as simplicity is best always. The grapefruit from the gardens of the Tunisian Embassy are massive without a hint of bitterness, full of juice, and as I think about it, I cannot help but visualize that peeled grapefruit, each segments so burdened with juice that it cannot contain the heaviness as it … Read More Simplicity is always best: grapefruit, walnuts, blackberries and mint with honey

Coffee Mug Almond Cookies

You do need the right cuttersĀ for these cookies but I think they are such a good idea, just to serve something different :). You can also cut out an incision in the dough before baking to accommodate for the cookies to hang on the rim of your mug. I these are cookies, I wanted a cakey cookie texture and used self raising flour instead … Read More Coffee Mug Almond Cookies

No-churn Melon Sorbet

This works, we made it live on TV last week and the result! a refreshing sorbet with no crystals and without the need of an ice cream machine. You will need: 500g melon 1 spoon Egg White Substitute 1 spoon glucose syrup Chop up the melon, put into a plastic bag and freeze. Whisk a spoon of egg substitute as per instructions on the … Read More No-churn Melon Sorbet

Tagliatelle with cabbage and cumin

This is a quick pasta dish with gorgeous local flavors and many textures. You will need : 100g bacon, finely chopped 100g local sausage meat (tal Malti) 1 teaspoon butter 1 onion, sliced, today i have used 6 spring onions instead 1 garlic cloves, grated 8 cups cabbage, shredded 500 g tagliatelle 1 spoon cumin seeds Salt and pepper to taste 1/2 pot long … Read More Tagliatelle with cabbage and cumin