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Spaghetti with Tuna and Olives

It is not easy to reduce portion size of our favourite meals and it is always hard to try to get that bit fitter before the summer is with us again. How do you convert a recipe to make it that bit healthier, with lesser calories.  How do you turn this wonderful pasta into a healthier meal. For the above recipe you will need: … Read More Spaghetti with Tuna and Olives

Quick Avocado and Tuna Dip

Quick dips are the most convenient way to put a few ingredients together and this one for example can be served with other vegetables or a salad or spread on toast and can make a great main meal or a snack. For the quick Avocado and tuna dip you will need: 1 large can Blue Angel tuna fish 1 avocado 2 tablespoons light mayonnaise … Read More Quick Avocado and Tuna Dip

+ Avocado Tuna Feta Salad by Lea Hogg

Today’s Quick Salad: Tuna Feta Avocado

I love salads and most people do. Although this cannot be simpler I am asked a lot why I add certain ingredients. First of all flavour and texture is important as is healthy and filling.


Quick parsley, tuna and almond salad

This salad is satisfying and makes an ideal light lunch or an option to offer on Fridays during lent.


When vol au vents take centre stage

Vol au vents are easy to make and even easier when you use the ready made packs that are precooked. Valentine’s is a day for entertaining and this is a perfect option for a starter or a little nibble served with drinks.

5 ingredient Baked Sweet Potato and Tuna Patties [diabetic friendly, gluten free, lactose free]

I wanted to start the year on a healthy note. I also decided to publish recipes that only use common and economical ingredients, and that also use as few ingredients as possible.

New year is for new beginnings and if making more healthy choices is one of your resolutions this month, then these patties are the answer for a quick, healthy meal or even to take to work with you.

Tuna and Sweetcorn Salad [gluten free, lactose free]

Salads provide substantial meals in the summer months without spending too much time in a hot kitchen.

Bhal fil-Forn with fresh marjoram

Bhal fil-Forn with fresh marjoram, photo by CJ Baldacchino during a live tv show A simple Maltese weekday meal during today’s tv show based on Jane Bonnici’s ‘Bhal fil-forn’.   Caulflowers are abundant and  inexpensive this month and this is a healthy, light comfort food.  The vegetables are braised with sweet potatoes,  fresh turmeric, fresh marjoram and mint and finished with fresh mint, olives … Read More Bhal fil-Forn with fresh marjoram

Lunch to go: Tuna and sweet corn pasta salad….

My packed lunch for today is a Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta Salad plated for those at home in sundae glasses and packed to go for the rest. You will need : 1 spring onion 200g penne or pasta of your choice 2 large cans of tuna 1 tablespoon olive oil 200g canned sweetcorn, drained 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 tablespoon capers Salt and Pepper to taste … Read More Lunch to go: Tuna and sweet corn pasta salad….