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How to cook pork cheeks

Pork cheeks used to be an affordable and inexpensive cut of meat but during the last eight to 10 years, they have been popularised by many top chefs and today they are a fashionable ingredient. Cheeks are particularly flavourful, but they are not readily available and need to be ordered from a… Source: Cooking pork cheeks ‘My pork cheeks come from Stephanie at Ta’ … Read More How to cook pork cheeks

Dukkah fortified with Aronia and flavours from Egypt

Most of us find the preparation of home-made food satisfying and, in Egypt, I observed that many families find enjoyment in spending time together preparing abundant meals. Egyptian cuisine is not as widespread as Lebanese, but offers great vegan and vegetarian dishes that are reliant on beans… Source: Sunday Times Flavours from Egypt   I use Aronia concentrate in powder and liquid form from … Read More Dukkah fortified with Aronia and flavours from Egypt

A soup of chickpeas, barley, buckwheat and beans

You will find the recipe for one of my favorite soups on the Times of Malta.  For a gluten free version of La Mesciua, leave out the barley.

St Patrick’s from Conor’s kitchen

Irish Cuisine has evolved through the ages and with St Patrick’s celebrations around the corner, this week I am sharing a few recipes from my Irish fellow blogger and friend, Conor Bofin. Conor is a multi-award winning food blogger; his blog ‘One Man’s Meat’ has won Best Food Blog in Ireland…     Source: Conor’s Irish Spread