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Quick weekday meal ….. Braised Thyme Lamb Steaks

A quick weekday meal today with lamb steaks braised in thyme for a change. I like to make use of all the herbs in the garden at the moment and braising is a cooking method that can be used for any cuts of meat. With cheaper cuts it tenderizes the meat and get rid of all the chewiness, but it can also be used … Read More Quick weekday meal ….. Braised Thyme Lamb Steaks

Roasted Plum Crumble Pie

Life is full of imperfections. We are all full of imperfections, physical flaws that are easily visible and character flaws that most of the time go unnoticed and leaves everyone surprised when they suddenly become visible to others. But there is goodness in everyone and this applies to fruit and vegetables that appear imperfect. Today’s pie is another of my chosen recipes for the … Read More Roasted Plum Crumble Pie