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Strawberry Almond Golden Custard Tart [Egg Free using Goat’s Milk]

Strawberry Tart, Egg Free using Goats Milk by Lea Hogg, Malta


Strawberry and Coffee Biscuit Gateau

This is a variation of the very popular Maltese coffee gateau with the addition of fresh strawberries. Surprisingly I believe it is the most popular dessert on the island. !

Burrata with Strawberries and Orange Zest

‘Simplicity is always best and if you have not yet tasted Burrata make a point of doing so :).  You will then find out why it is known as the queen of cheeses’ For 2 persons will need: 1 burrata (I use small individual ones) Lots of fresh strawberries and orange zest Agave or honey To assemble, cut the burrata in half. Arrange on a plate Scatter orange zest and drizzle … Read More Burrata with Strawberries and Orange Zest


Amazing Chia Jam

‘The color and texture of this jam is amazing.  Strawberry Jam with no processed sugar, no pectin and a unique texture by adding chia seeds.  I have used Chia seeds every day this week during my tv programme, in salad dressings, dips, cakes and bakes.  As an ingredient, these seeds fascinate me’ You will need: 1 kilo strawberries juice of 2 lemons the seeds from a … Read More Amazing Chia Jam

Kale, buckwheat and mint salad

 Kale is now grown locally at is easily available in many vegetable shops and supermarkets. For the salad you will need: ¼ cup raw buckwheat 1 tbsp olive oil 1 bunch kale 2 tbsp chopped mint, plus some extra leaves for garnish 1 tbsp grated pecorino cheese 1 tbsp pecan nuts 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice Salt and pepper Heat the olive oil over medium heat, add the buckwheat … Read More Kale, buckwheat and mint salad

Happy Hummingbird for Easter

Follow follow follow me on facebook x We featured another sugar free cake with no butter on TV this week and the result was a Hummingbird with strawberries instead of pineapple. You will need to mix together in a large bowl: 350g sifted self raising flour 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon Tip of a teaspoon vanilla powder or a couple of drops of vanila extract 50g … Read More Happy Hummingbird for Easter

Strawberry Cheese-Cake for Brilliant Baking Magazine

In this month’s Brilliant Baking Magazine you will find my new recipe for Strawberry Cheesecake. And on the cover Rosemary Shrager who will join me on my programme Dieta Mediterranja on 98FM which will be aired this week. and for the recipe in Maltese click here

Strawberry Sundae Tart

Summers remind me of strawberries and cream and mine are immersed into a chocolate pastry cream in a crust of chocolate. I am making the pastry cream without eggs as it seems more popular these days. This pie can also be gluten free merely by substituting the flour in the crust with gluten free flour (I used Doves usually for this crust when i … Read More Strawberry Sundae Tart

And more strawberries with a fennel and arugula salad

I love the mix of flavors in this salad and the textures. Imagine mouthfuls of crunchy aromatic fennel and fleshy soft strawberries with the distinct bitterness of the arugula. 1 punnet arugula leaved 4 large strawberries half a bulb of fennel olive oil balsamic vinegar freshly ground pepper and sea salt Arrange the arugula leaves on a serving plate. Slice the strawberries lengthwise and … Read More And more strawberries with a fennel and arugula salad

Strawberries filled with yoghurt and cream

  The photo below shows the strawberries with a mix of yoghurt and cream, perhaps a treat for Sunday breakfast, but you can go a step further and make Cheesecake strawberries as you will get all the flavors of eating a cheesecake into a bite, perfect to end a meal without overeating… You will need 500g fresh strawberries, washed and hulled 100g double cream … Read More Strawberries filled with yoghurt and cream

Strawberry and gbejna in Pistachio Pastry with no added sugar

Soft local fresh cheeslets and the fleshiest perfumed strawberries are encased in a pistachio crust, drizzled with thyme honey and sprinkled with more pistachios. Can you think of anything tastier? It was delicious. My extra pastry from covering the tart dish turned out to be the belle of the ball. I have added no sugar to this bake and the pastry is made with … Read More Strawberry and gbejna in Pistachio Pastry with no added sugar

Strawberry season arrives and we make jam !

There is a quaint strawberry village in the north of the island where fat luscious strawberries are harvested from April and last through the summer. This island is truly blessed with all that is good in life. We can indulge in a feast of freshly picked local strawberries every single day from now until the end of the summer. And as I listen to … Read More Strawberry season arrives and we make jam !