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Kawlata Stew with Buckwheat

Traditionally a thick soup, I use smoked ham hock and the same ingredients to make this Kawlata stew and serve it with buckwheat. You will need: 1 smoked ham hock [xikel], cut into 3 chunks 3 rashers bacon, finely chopped 1 large onion, finely sliced 1 clove garlic, finely chopped small piece of shredded cabbage (optional) 1/4 medium cauliflower 1 zucchini 100g carrots 250g … Read More Kawlata Stew with Buckwheat

Quick chicken and barley stew

This is literally a whats-in-the-fridge stew using seasonal fresh vegetables. You will need a kilo of vegetables to every 500g of meat used. Add a grain or pulse and the result is a great home cooked meal that can be prepared the day before as it improves when left overnight in the fridge. It is such a good feeling to know you have a … Read More Quick chicken and barley stew