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6 ingredient all-in-one Butternut Squash Coconut Soup [gluten free, diabetic friendly, vegan]

Fresh food that is simple, quick and homemade is always best. This is the perfect winter warmer. It is economical quick to prepare as you can literally make it in 30 minutes.

I find that peeling the butternut squash is probably what puts most people off. With this soup you can literally use all the vegetable, skin included.


New Year’s Eve, a mild winter’s day and Twice-baked butternut squash with gbejna

Very mild temperature on a new year’s eve with this sun making an appearance every so often.

My recipe today is one I featured on TV last week. I just love the taste of caramelized butternut squash as the natural sweetness roasts the edges. This recipe is gluten free and vegetarian. I use local gbejna but you can substitute with a semi-hard goats cheese of you are not here with us .

A day of remembrance and planning Thursday’s meal…..

Today, the American Embassy on the island lowers its flag on the 50th anniversary of President J F Kennedy’s assassination …. I am fascinated by America and whatever makes America tick when it comes to food. Everyone watches while America innovates, everyone copies while America moves on to the next new creation…. And far away from the USA, on a tiny island in the … Read More A day of remembrance and planning Thursday’s meal…..

Nutty Buttery Squash (with no added butter! )

This dish is all about simplicity, texture and flavor. It is one of my favorite recipes, because it is ridiculously simple and out-of-this-world delicious. It is vegetarian, gluten free and can be used as a starter on a bed of leaves with Parmesan shavings, crumbled ricotta or feta, as a side to accompany any meal or even as a warm or cold salad served … Read More Nutty Buttery Squash (with no added butter! )