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Spinach and Orange Curry

This week’s paper We had a simple supper tonight, a quick and easy meal but it was delicious. I was inspired this afternoon when I visited a friend’s Indian Restaurant to make naan bread with the indian cooks. One of them was from Mumbai and the other from Kerala…what a long way from home but these boys have adapted well and can even speak … Read More Spinach and Orange Curry

A day of remembrance and planning Thursday’s meal…..

Today, the American Embassy on the island lowers its flag on the 50th anniversary of President J F Kennedy’s assassination …. I am fascinated by America and whatever makes America tick when it comes to food. Everyone watches while America innovates, everyone copies while America moves on to the next new creation…. And far away from the USA, on a tiny island in the … Read More A day of remembrance and planning Thursday’s meal…..

Healthier spinach ricotta cannelloni

This is a healthier cannelloni dish with oil and butter used very sparingly: The recipe serves 4 (or less for huge appetites !) and you  will need : For the cannelloni 16 cannelloni tubes. 2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed 1 large bunch fresh basil leaves, torn 500g spinach, fresh or frozen, chopped and thoroughly drained 1 teaspoon dried oregano Maldon Salt Freshly ground black … Read More Healthier spinach ricotta cannelloni