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Baking with spelt flour from today’s Sunday Times

I use, whenever possible, ingredients that are unrefined and as close as possible to their natural state. Spelt is an ancient whole grain with several references found in the Bible. It contains less gluten than wheat flour and has a higher content of protein. These recipes are .. Source: Sunday Times Baking with spelt flour

Fennel Soup with Spelt Couscous

A very cold Mediterranean January calls for more soups on the menu and the delicate anise flavor of this one is delicious. I use spelt couscous and although did not notice a difference in flavor or texture, it is lower in gluten content than regular couscous. For the soup, you will need : 1 fennel bulb, chopped, keep aside the fennel leaves 1 medium … Read More Fennel Soup with Spelt Couscous