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Quick savory Sicilian Frittelle di Ricotta

‘There is no other way but fried to get the crispiness so that you can appreciate the creaminess, flavor and lightness of the delicious sheep’s milk ricotta. I had the pleasure to welcome Chef Seby Sorbello from Sicily just before Christmas and what a treat it was.  This is the first of his 6 recipes during his recent trip to Malta.’ You will need: For … Read More Quick savory Sicilian Frittelle di Ricotta


Sicilian Cuccidati, getting ready for Christmas

Sicilian Cuccidati make a welcome addition or alternative to mincepies. Like most people I adore mince pies but I usually like to add this Sicilian version to my Christmas baking. Traditional cuccidati recipes require the filling to be cooked and in this recipe I have removed refined sugar and left simply blended all the ingredients for the filling in a food processor with an amazing result in texture and flavour.

Home from Home, Casa Planeta

From Sicily, see my trip this week to the vineyards of one of the greatest wine-making families at Casa Planeta on Mediterranean News everyday this week. And here is the recipe of the day on today’s INews