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Kamut with quince

Kamut is the most delicious grain, its texture and nutty rich flavor is unique. I would be pleased to hear suggestions and tips about its use as it is a new ingredient for me. This dish has amazing flavors and I was lucky enough to acquire some fresh quince this week. You can use any variety of firm apple instead. You will need: 1/2 … Read More Kamut with quince

Quince and Carob Cake

Quince and carob are old Mediterranean ingredients and although still available here, seldom used. Bring back the old I think, and keep part of our identity in a world today where eating is becoming so eclectic and universal. A good thing as long as we remember the roots. For this so delicious and yummy cake you will need: 3 eggs 1 1/2 cups oil … Read More Quince and Carob Cake

Quince Paste [Dulce de Membrillo]

Today I share a Portuguese/Spanish favorite, best served with a strong cheese. Membrillo originated around the 4th century and I hope it lives on forever. A few weeks ago I cut a big batch of quince. I just love this fruit, high in pectin that you need no binding agents when it is added to any dish. There seems to be two varieties on … Read More Quince Paste [Dulce de Membrillo]

Quince, hawthorn and wild arugula

Quince, hawthorn and wild arugula in season this month featured on Mediterranean News today! take a peak … #buylocal