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The feast of Santa Maria in Qrendi

If you happen to be on holiday on this beautiful island or live amongst us, do visit the village of Qrendi where the feast of Santa Maria is celebrated today.

Glorious flavors of July … Caper Pesto

Home grown mint and parsley cut just five minutes before blending with a bit of lemon juice and last season’s preserved capers given to me by the Mayor yesterday, to make the most heavenly caper pesto. These are the flavors that I love, and it is indeed one of the best things life has to offer to be able to eat such fresh food. … Read More Glorious flavors of July … Caper Pesto

Carob Syrup from the heart of the Mediterranean!

Mayor David Schembri was my guest on the cooking segment for Indigo on One TV yesterday. The Mayor brought with him some newly harvested carob from the village of Qrendi. I have reblogged last year’s post when when I made carob syrup as I had a few requests last evening. This is an old time favorite making a comeback. Have a wonderful day !

How much fresher can it get? I visit a local chicken farm !

I visited Katy at her poultry farm this week and I meet her wonderful family. I am left speechless by her drive and ability. This is an amazing family who against all odds have reached achievement brought about by a lifetime of dedication, sheer hard work and the benevolence of new funding. I am honored to know them, salt of the earth, hardworking and … Read More How much fresher can it get? I visit a local chicken farm !


How to make Maltese Carob Syrup

I get excited when I stumble on old recipes and look forward to trying them out in my kitchen. Today I am making Carob Syrup [very time consuming]. Although you can buy it ready made, nothing beats the flavor of home made. The tree is fascinating, a cool shelter during the sweltering heat. ┬áCarob is gluten free, nut free, dairy free and caffeine free … Read More How to make Maltese Carob Syrup