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Spinach Ricotta Picnic Pie

This spinach ricotta pie is the ultimate summer picnic comfort food.  This tart is beautiful when it is cut up after it is cooled down as it exposes the hard boiled eggs and is ideal for outdoor entertaining. Although the number of eggs in this recipe seem a lot, you can omit the hard boiled eggs but the idea is to cut it up … Read More Spinach Ricotta Picnic Pie


Crustless vegetable and ricotta pie with Maltese Gbejna

‘This ‘pie’ is so incredibly quick to make. It is literally an all in one and the ground oats give it a great texture and absorb the liquid that the raw vegetables release to give it body and remove any hint of sogginess. Serve warm or cold, so incredibly delicious and packed with vegetables. It is quick and easy to prepare and economical and has been one of the most favourite recipes of this year’


Coq au Vin Pie

‘Coq au vin is a perfect Autumn stew and I made an all-in-one version this week with very little effort practically cooked the ingredients all together in a large deep saucepan and then used the filling to make a pie. It is important to allow the filling to completely cool, preferably in the fridge before filling and baking the pie, to avoid a soggy crust, especially at the bottom. I used ready made shortcrust pastry. I find that sometime people are put off having to make pastry from scratch and this filling in a pie is just divine especially with the local twist of some Maltese sausage !


Chicken, Feta and Kale Filo Pie

‘This is a great way to use up bits of filo that have broken up in the fridge or freezer. The tart may not look very attractive when you assemble it however when baked it becomes beautiful, sprinkled with sesame seeds, crispy and golden.

Apple Cinnamon Pies

I love apples, they are so versatile. This apple pie is ideal for those who do not enjoy mince pies or do not like dried fruit. Do make your own pastry as it makes a difference and this is a foolproof recipe; the elasticity of the consistency does not tear, is easy to manipulate and sticks together without an egg wash. For a Cinnamon … Read More Apple Cinnamon Pies

Pumpkin harvest and a traditional Maltese Pumpkin Pie

‘A traditional local pie associated with the northern village of Manikata and the town of Mosta’ For the Sesame seed crust you will need: 800g plain flour A pinch of salt 125g butter 125ml olive oil or 200g butter or 200g gluten free and lactose free spread 2 eggs 25g sesame seed. cold water to bind 1 egg for pastry egg wash Sift the … Read More Pumpkin harvest and a traditional Maltese Pumpkin Pie

Cottage Pie

On the island we are starting to see the slow approach of fall. Summer lingers here for another month or so, but gone is the intense heat and heavy humidity. Cottage Pie is one of my family’s favorite meals in the fall and winter months, comfort food that does not make you feel too guilty. In old cookbooks it is shepherds pie which is … Read More Cottage Pie

Minister Brincat’s Filo Pie, yellow-flesh watermelons and lilac butterflies …

For a glimpse of life in the heart of the Mediterranean, for yellow flesh watermelons and lilac butterflies, click here ! We welcomed Minister Leo Brincat on One TV during our food segment to raise awareness to his initiative on food wastage in housholds. Together with Mary , we created an attractive dish using the previous day’s left overs and I used filo pastry … Read More Minister Brincat’s Filo Pie, yellow-flesh watermelons and lilac butterflies …

A language with no barriers and some more weekend baking …. Peach Sundae Tarts …

With the digital age comes the language of emoticons… a visual rather than verbal language, a picture that says a lot in a very little space. And like food, it has no barriers, a language understood by all. Most people use visual images for speed and in the same way that I am resistant to the use of convenience foods, I absolutely refuse to … Read More A language with no barriers and some more weekend baking …. Peach Sundae Tarts …


Pears in Filo with Egg Free Custard

This dessert looks gorgeous and can be made quickly as you can poach the pears beforehand and keep them in the fridge overnight. I made it like a pie and it is suitable to present and serve it at the table as it looks quite amazing. I am sure that you can make individual pears in Filo in the same way if you would … Read More Pears in Filo with Egg Free Custard

Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley’s family favorites for Thanksgiving !

Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley welcomed me to her official residence and we tasted all her home made family favorite Thanksgiving specialities. What a treat, everything was so delicious and fresh……Corn muffins, her own mother’s recipe for sweet potato pie, a home made cranberry and orange marmalade using Mediterranean oranges from her garden and the most luscious beetroot chocolate cake with beetroot frosting which I can … Read More Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley’s family favorites for Thanksgiving !

Roasted Plum Crumble Pie

Life is full of imperfections. We are all full of imperfections, physical flaws that are easily visible and character flaws that most of the time go unnoticed and leaves everyone surprised when they suddenly become visible to others. But there is goodness in everyone and this applies to fruit and vegetables that appear imperfect. Today’s pie is another of my chosen recipes for the … Read More Roasted Plum Crumble Pie