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Quick weekend baking: Orange Ginger Muffins

‘the idea of using the oranges that are still abundant and ginger makes these muffins sound so healthy with all that Vitamin C and healing properties of ginger.

A very quick, all-in-one method, these muffins can be prepared and baked in 20 minutes from start to finish. I used a mix of grated fresh ginger, ginger powder and crystallized ginger which resulted in the most rounded ginger flavor laced with orange and drizzled with melted dark sugar-free chocolate and more crystallized ginger pieces. These are the best muffins for a cold January, the ginger will give you instant warmth’.


Orange Almond and Chocolate Cakes [gluten free, lactose free]

Maltese and Gozitan oranges come in all shapes, flavours and sizes, blood oranges with bright red flesh that taste very faintly of raspberries, some with big navels and no seeds, bitter Seville oranges brought to the island during Arab rule and in the open rambling countryside, you can find fragrant bergamot oranges

Chicken with Orange and Sage

I featured this dish on TV today. It is a quick, delicious weekday recipe that looks and tastes wonderful without taking up a lot of time to prepare ! You will need: 1 chicken 1 chopped apple with skin on 2 oranges chopped into segments with skin on 1 onion 2 cloves garlic Sage leaves Olive oil Salt and Pepper Fresh Pink peppercorns (optional) … Read More Chicken with Orange and Sage


Orange Ricotta Scones – butterless and no added sugar

So much citrus this time of the year and these scones are a real treat, just divine, without any added sugar or butter,


Carrot, Orange and fresh turmeric soup with gbejna

‘Autumn is here early it seems and this soup gives a boost of vitamin C and is loaded with ingredients that are good for us.  It is gluten free and diabetic friendly.  For a vegan or lactose free recipe, leave out those delicious gbejnas.’ You will need : 4 medium carrots 1 medium onion 1 large garlic clove 1 bayleaf 1 medium sweet potato … Read More Carrot, Orange and fresh turmeric soup with gbejna

Cinnamon and Orange Cake

This is such an easy cake to bake. The mix of oranges and cinnamon remind me of Christmas approaching. You will need: 250 g self raising flour 100 g butter 100 g sugar 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon 3 eggs 2 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons orange juice 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda Grated zest of one Pinch salt Some icing sugar to sprinkle on top of … Read More Cinnamon and Orange Cake

Pumpkin, lentil and orange soup with sage flowers

A light lunch today and mum’s delcious recipe of fresh pumkin, orange lentils and a bit of grated orange to finish off with such a good result. It is gluten free, egg free, has no added fat and if you leave the fresh goats’ cheese out, it can also be dairy free. Quick and easy, all in one method plus the blending to make … Read More Pumpkin, lentil and orange soup with sage flowers

Spinach and Orange Curry

This week’s paper We had a simple supper tonight, a quick and easy meal but it was delicious. I was inspired this afternoon when I visited a friend’s Indian Restaurant to make naan bread with the indian cooks. One of them was from Mumbai and the other from Kerala…what a long way from home but these boys have adapted well and can even speak … Read More Spinach and Orange Curry


Making the most of Seville Oranges – a curd of bitter orange ….

So much citrus still in mum’s garden and before the season comes to an end I want to make use of this abundance and try out some new things rather than just another pot of jam or marmalade.

And this Seville curd is unbelievable, the texture, consistency, the flavor of the bitter orange balances the sweetness in the curd and I left bits of grated rind in it which make it more vibrant. Dedicate half an hour to standing at the stove and stirring gently and continuously until the curd is thick enough to coat the spoon. Other than this, it is the easiest of recipes as you just throw in all the ingredients together in one pot. The day after it was made, the curd sets with the consistency of the smoothest spread ! Really yumm.

Over to London for a taste of the Mediterranean at Parparellu’s… Penne with local sausage and arugula

I wrote here in September and in the Press about Parparellu when they celebrated a year of their opening. Parparellu has become an iconic landmark for those visiting London. Centrally situated in fashionable London’s Fulham Road, it is what the Bunch of Grapes in Knightsbridge used to be in the 80s, a sanctuary, a whiff of familiarity, an escape from the London buzz… it … Read More Over to London for a taste of the Mediterranean at Parparellu’s… Penne with local sausage and arugula

The Mediterranean Dream and Orange Walnut Stromboli

It is bright, sunny and glorious on the island today. Over the last year I have written a lot about The American Dream on this blog and in the local press. As we turn on our TVs we see the bad freezing weather conditions all over the world and once again I am reminded that I live the Mediterranean Dream every day that I … Read More The Mediterranean Dream and Orange Walnut Stromboli


A marmalade of Seville orange and hyssop …

Hyssop is growing in the garden and there is a lot of it. With a strong aromatic minty and bitter flavor, it is quite an unusual herb these days. But it has been around for a very long time and made its mark in the Old Testament when Moses ordered the Elders to mark their doorknobs with hyssop dipped in lamb’s blood.