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Getting to know Dr. Reuben Pace

  One thing that stands out in your work is your interest in the history, language and culture of Malta.  Was City of Humanity your initial idea or a collaboration of ideas ?   City of Humanity was my initial idea born out of the love for my country’s heritage, history and language. Eventually when i met Ġorġ Peresso during my search for a … Read More Getting to know Dr. Reuben Pace


Nicola’s hair by Geraldine Agius

During her recent trip to Malta Nicola Said paid a visit to Geraldine Agius at Screen Hair Salon Fgura to style her her for a tv appearance. Both Geraldine and Nicola decided that it was time for a change. Geraldine says, We first started with a consultation with Nicola and discussed her lifestyle so that we could choose something that suited her circumstances and … Read More Nicola’s hair by Geraldine Agius


Nicola’s make up by Analise

Apart from her weekly tips during our show, Analise also does a live tutorial every so often and this week she prepared Nicola Said for her performance. To watch the make up tutorial by Analise of this week, click here   The focus this week was on dark circles which sometimes Nicola gets due to lack of sleep.   Make up by Analise using … Read More Nicola’s make up by Analise

Flowers for a leading lady

Every leading lady deserves a bouquet of fresh flowers. It was a pleasure to have Nicola Said with us.