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Preserving Summer Fruits: Melon Ginger Chutney

Local melons are cheap  and abundant right now and paired with apples and ginger they make a great chutney.  I like the idea of capturing them in their freshness and keeping them for the winter months. It  is important to use fresh melons for this recipe not over-ripe ones or those that have been in the fridge for a while. You can use any … Read More Preserving Summer Fruits: Melon Ginger Chutney

No-churn Melon Sorbet

This works, we made it live on TV last week and the result! a refreshing sorbet with no crystals and without the need of an ice cream machine. You will need: 500g melon 1 spoon Egg White Substitute 1 spoon glucose syrup Chop up the melon, put into a plastic bag and freeze. Whisk a spoon of egg substitute as per instructions on the … Read More No-churn Melon Sorbet


Refreshing Melon Mosaic

The summer brings manna in our journey through life in the form of fruit here, so much of it with the fullest of flavors that you can imagine. And watermelons come in all sorts of shapes and sizes including these mini ones i picked from Joseph‘s harvest. I have small, medium and large ones today and you can compare the size with the lemon. … Read More Refreshing Melon Mosaic