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Maltese Marmurat Tart

Traditionally baked for special celebrations, the Torta tal-Marmurat is not easy to find in local shops. The combination of chocolate, orange marmalade and almonds is without doubt divine.


Simple Gifts by Ann- Marie Buckle

Ann-Marie Buckle’ I would like to be a musical actress. It would be a dream for me to perform in London’s West End.’


My lucky makeovers

One of the best things that happened to me last year was to meet Analise who accepted the challenge of being my make up artist and therefore every time I have a show, she is with me from the early hours of the morning, without fail, unless she is doing one of her highly charged obstacle races


Kenneth Zammit Tabona at The Art Point

A big thank you to Rachel Muscat for the photos of Kenneth Zammit Tabona’s art during Life and Style Weekend.

A visit from Professor Jane Somerville

Professor Somerville set up a clinic in Malta which runs from Mater Dei and she visits frequently to train and work with other cardiologists. She is co-founder and President of the Somerville Foundation


Getting to know a most talented harpist

Every performance has its unique experience, whether being as an orchestral or chamber harpist or as a solo performer.


The abortion question in Malta – Professor Jane Somerville

A total ban on abortion may endanger the life of women.

Professor Jane Somerville explains her views.

She says,

“The abortion question in Malta is a very tricky one. And I understand both sides, of course.’


Simplicity is best: Chocolate Hazelnut berry slices

I love Crema Novi, more so than other chocolate spreads because it has a higher content of hazenuts and contains no other fats other than those found in the nuts and cocoa itself.


Kate Fenech Field on Teatru Manoel Education Programme this season

You can watch Kate Fenech Field from Teatru Manoel Education Programme on the accessible theatrical education programme suited for ALL ages. Click here to find out more about Toi Toi    


Flowering Sage

In season now, sage is in full bloom and the flowers which are much milder in flavour than the leaves.

The spirit of the George Cross is very much alive

Proudly wearing miniatures of their fathers’ medals, we were joined this week by two couples from East Kent in the United Kingdom, Lindsay and Ken Thacker and Janet and Edward Barkway.


Cinnamon Apple, Walnut and Blackberry Overnight Oats

Overnight oats make the most brilliant breakfast and I also like them as a dessert or light lunch.  They are also ideal for a light take-to-work packed lunch. The apples in these oats are lightly stewed.  Sweetener is optional depending on how sweet you like .  A bigger quantity of the apples can be prepared and kept in the fridge for a week and … Read More Cinnamon Apple, Walnut and Blackberry Overnight Oats