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Amazing Chia Jam

‘The color and texture of this jam is amazing.  Strawberry Jam with no processed sugar, no pectin and a unique texture by adding chia seeds.  I have used Chia seeds every day this week during my tv programme, in salad dressings, dips, cakes and bakes.  As an ingredient, these seeds fascinate me’ You will need: 1 kilo strawberries juice of 2 lemons the seeds from a … Read More Amazing Chia Jam

Bakewell Cake with Mincemeat

I’ve just finished writing a piece on the history of Victorian baking and the good old bakewell came to mind again.  This week I used more or less the same ingredients of the tart filling and with the addition of my homemade mincemeat and made a Bakewell Cake. I reduced the sugar and fat content but still left enough to give that rounded taste. … Read More Bakewell Cake with Mincemeat

Belludia Apple Jam

Local apples are referred to as Belludia (Belludja) apples. I was told that it is a translation for Golden Delicious apples but Golden Delicious they are not! Not as tart as English cooking apples, edible without having to cook them, they come in a variety of sizes from tiny mini apples to large ones all ready for harvest from the same tree at the … Read More Belludia Apple Jam

Back to blog: No added sugar jam with Stevia

Its been a while with something missing in my life. How can I live without my blog? Inspite of my features appearing over a number of publications and a book coming out shortly, I feel the void of blogland. Tomorrow we carry on working with Stevia. Our special education feature started on Friday with the participation of Dr Jan Chircop, an incredibly popular familiy … Read More Back to blog: No added sugar jam with Stevia

September issue …. Preserving Summer Fruits

Home made jams with pure fruit and no artificial additives are divine. Succulent summer fruits are abundant to our Mediterranean climate and these can be preserved in the form of jams, chutneys, pickles and compotes. They make original Christmas gifts and will be appreciated in the winter months. Pectin gives a larger yield as you do not have to cook the jam for so … Read More September issue …. Preserving Summer Fruits

Before the season ends, Bambinella Jam

These beautiful unique fruits must be preserved for the winter this month before the season is over. If you do not live on the island, you probably have not come across Bambinella [Pyrus Communis] from the Rose family.  These mini bite-size crispy pears are sweet with a texture very similar to large Asian yellow pears.  Imagine the most beautiful rosy color blended into a mix of … Read More Before the season ends, Bambinella Jam

Jam with fresh figs from the garden

Join us for a week on the island in the Heart of the Mediterranean by clicking here Di-ve News Here are some wonderful figs fresh from the garden this morning for my jam making. You will need: 2 kg figs 1.8 kg sugar Grated rind of 2 lemons 4 lemons squeezed Wash the figs and remove any hard bits and bruising but keep skin … Read More Jam with fresh figs from the garden

Pomegranates …. A note from the heart of the Mediterranean …

click here for a tribute to Maya Angelou, Orizzont today So many of you ask questions about this island and also about the Mediterranean region. You ask about our produce, you marvel at the scenery and you wonder what this glorous island is all about. Most of you love food and if you are not so keen, you are sometimes tempted by what you … Read More Pomegranates …. A note from the heart of the Mediterranean …

Sheep graze outside our door.. and we make apple jam

I open the gate today and I am greeted by these wooly creatures and this makes me happy to live here… A first time meeting with Ninu the shepherd, a friendly chat and he is full of curiosity and asks personal questions but this is the heart of the Mediterranean countryside and it is acceptable. He tells me of his cheese making secrets that … Read More Sheep graze outside our door.. and we make apple jam

Strawberry season arrives and we make jam !

There is a quaint strawberry village in the north of the island where fat luscious strawberries are harvested from April and last through the summer. This island is truly blessed with all that is good in life. We can indulge in a feast of freshly picked local strawberries every single day from now until the end of the summer. And as I listen to … Read More Strawberry season arrives and we make jam !


Making the most of Seville Oranges – a curd of bitter orange ….

So much citrus still in mum’s garden and before the season comes to an end I want to make use of this abundance and try out some new things rather than just another pot of jam or marmalade.

And this Seville curd is unbelievable, the texture, consistency, the flavor of the bitter orange balances the sweetness in the curd and I left bits of grated rind in it which make it more vibrant. Dedicate half an hour to standing at the stove and stirring gently and continuously until the curd is thick enough to coat the spoon. Other than this, it is the easiest of recipes as you just throw in all the ingredients together in one pot. The day after it was made, the curd sets with the consistency of the smoothest spread ! Really yumm.

Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley’s family favorites for Thanksgiving !

Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley welcomed me to her official residence and we tasted all her home made family favorite Thanksgiving specialities. What a treat, everything was so delicious and fresh……Corn muffins, her own mother’s recipe for sweet potato pie, a home made cranberry and orange marmalade using Mediterranean oranges from her garden and the most luscious beetroot chocolate cake with beetroot frosting which I can … Read More Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley’s family favorites for Thanksgiving !