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I love Ricotta Gnudi

Light, made so very quickly, gnudi are a firm favorite of mine at the moment. They are light balls of ricotta coated with a very thin layer of semolina and this is the type of dish that makes you look like you have spent ages preparing, yet nothing could be easier. You will need: 500g ricotta 75g grated hard cheese freshly ground pepper 1 … Read More I love Ricotta Gnudi

Ricotta gnudi with crisped sage

It is not pasta and Gnudi are not gnocchi, but seem to belong to the same family. They are simply skinless ravioli, the filling without the shell but not quite gnocchi. This is enough to whet my appetite and I am making them today for our supper! You will need : 1 cup fresh ricotta 1 cup grated Parmesan, 1 egg Pinch grated nutmeg … Read More Ricotta gnudi with crisped sage

A day of remembrance and planning Thursday’s meal…..

Today, the American Embassy on the island lowers its flag on the 50th anniversary of President J F Kennedy’s assassination …. I am fascinated by America and whatever makes America tick when it comes to food. Everyone watches while America innovates, everyone copies while America moves on to the next new creation…. And far away from the USA, on a tiny island in the … Read More A day of remembrance and planning Thursday’s meal…..

Ricotta Gnudi New York style !

A friend of mine recently visited New York and updated me with all her recent food adventures. I always love to hear about new dishes and ingredients and the combination of a success story. She tells me all about her lunch at The Spotted Pig in New York which has become one of the trendiest eateries with gnudi of all kinds on their menu. … Read More Ricotta Gnudi New York style !