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Xandira Specjali fl ahhar tas sena minghand L Onorevoli Roderick Galdes

Ghafas hawn biex tisma ix Xandira specjali ta l ahhar tas sena minghand l Onorevoli Roderick Galdes Il prodotti Lokali, il Marka tal kwalita, il esportazjoni tal majjal, progress fil Pitkali u id Dipartiment tieghu…. U minghandi u Dorian Cassar, ix xewqat Tajba ghas sena l gdida !

Jam with fresh figs from the garden

Join us for a week on the island in the Heart of the Mediterranean by clicking here Di-ve News Here are some wonderful figs fresh from the garden this morning for my jam making. You will need: 2 kg figs 1.8 kg sugar Grated rind of 2 lemons 4 lemons squeezed Wash the figs and remove any hard bits and bruising but keep skin … Read More Jam with fresh figs from the garden

Bambinella in a Pine Crust

What is Bambinella you may ask if you do not live here? It is a fruit native to the island in the height of the summer. You will need to come and visit to try 🙂 Bambinella [Pyrus Communis] from the Rose family are mini bite-size crispy pears. The flavor is sweet and the texture is very similar to the large Asian yellow pears. … Read More Bambinella in a Pine Crust