Fillet of Pork with Kale and smoked ham

Fillet of pork with kale and smoked ham.
Fillet of Local Pork with Smoke ham and kale, as seen on TV

‘Pork fillet is just as lean as skinless chicken breast and it is classed as an ‘extra lean’ meat. Calorie-wise it is even lower than chicken breast at 136 calories for a 100g serving as opposed to skinelss chicken at 197 calories for the same amount.

I combine it here with kale and smoked bacon and the recipe cannot get much simpler than this.  It makes a change from stuffing fillet and you can enjoy the flavor of the pork as it is. It is not only delicious but an attractive dish that looks like you have gone to a lot of trouble and is great as a cold cut in thin slices the day after. I like using Tuscan kale [cavolo nero] for this recipe as it encases the pork without any effort’

For my pork fillet with kale and smoked bacon, you will need:

6 whole leaves kale, stalk removed and left in long strips
juice of half a lemon mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil
fillet of pork
Salt and ground pepper
6 slices smoked ham [thin slices]

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