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Maltese Easter Figolli [gluten free, vegan, reduced sugar]

‘Making figolli [two cookie layers with a soft mazipan filling] is a good childhood memory if you were brought up in Malta and making them every Easter is a tradition for most Maltese families, even for those who usually do not make cakes and sweets.

Renato’s Maltese Figolli

I am sharing Renato Briffa’s recipe for Maltese figolli. And for the figolli pastry you will need: 2 kilos flour 25 g baking powder 450g butter 1 lemon zest 4 drops vanilla extract Rub in butter into flour add the rest of the ingredients. Separately mix together 800g sugar 1/2 can evaporated milk 1 litre water Mix with wooden spoon until sugar dissolves Add … Read More Renato’s Maltese Figolli