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+ Avocado Tuna Feta Salad by Lea Hogg

Today’s Quick Salad: Tuna Feta Avocado

I love salads and most people do. Although this cannot be simpler I am asked a lot why I add certain ingredients. First of all flavour and texture is important as is healthy and filling.


Zucchini, mint and feta fritters

I like to make crispy fritters in the oven using hardly any added fats. I lightly coat the fritters and flour and brush them with olive oil to make them crispier.

The mixture easily holds together. I served with tzaziki but if you are in a rush, simply mix some Greek yoghurt with fresh mint, salt and a pinch of dried mint to use as a dipping sauce. I just love these and could eat them every day

Zucchini/courgettes and the round light green marrows that are so common here all make great fritters


Tear and Share yeast-free bread

This quick bake produces yeast free fresh rolls which great to serve when feeding a crowd. These soda bread rolls can be made in a few minutes and baked in 20 minutes.


Breakfast feta muffins with kale

The whole house fills with the aroma of good fresh baking. I take them out of the oven and wonder if the combination will work….


Kale, Feta, Pomegranate and Pecan Salad

‘Antida’s healthy salad with raw kale is so inviting and totally delicious. She added sprouting wheatgrass and topped it with pecans.’


Chicken, Feta and Kale Filo Pie

‘This is a great way to use up bits of filo that have broken up in the fridge or freezer. The tart may not look very attractive when you assemble it however when baked it becomes beautiful, sprinkled with sesame seeds, crispy and golden.


Feta Cheese Dip

‘Feta with fresh herbs, lots of mint and tomatoes is always one of the most favourite dips’

8-ball Zucchini Organic Buddha Bowl [with black quinoa and sprouted mung beans]

‘a light and delicious all-in-one meal using 8-ball zucchini, which unfortunately are not always available.  Sweet firm flesh that softens but remains firm and visually vibrant after cooking.  I add lots of fresh mint, abundant at the moment and black quinoa.  It is sizzling hot, bright blue skies, this island is a dream’ For the stuffed 8-ball zucchini you will need : 2 eight-ball zucchini, … Read More 8-ball Zucchini Organic Buddha Bowl [with black quinoa and sprouted mung beans]

Corn quinoa and feta salad by Jennifer Rodda at

I love Jennifer’s food and blog so much that I published one of her recipes in the local press. Her photography is wonderful and she is always available to answer any queries. I am looking forward to trying some more recipes soon.. We had this salad one evening as a light supper and it was delicious. Thanks Jennifer! ….

Two different Watermelon Salads ….. with identical ingredients !

I always admire photos of beautifully arranged plated watermelon chequerboards and I am trying it out with a combination of avocado and feta, topped with capers and mint. There is quite a bit of wastage after the cutting process so I am making a second salad using exactly the same ingredients tossed in a bowl. I am still not sure which one I prefer. … Read More Two different Watermelon Salads ….. with identical ingredients !