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Quick dips for the summer

Here are some very quick dips that are ideal for quick summer entertaining.  Instead of serving with breads, crackers or breadsticks, I like to serve them with sliced apples, carrot sticks, celery, sweet coloured bell peppers and other vegetables these days. The Method for all of them: Simply place all the ingredients in a bowl and use a hand blender to mix to a … Read More Quick dips for the summer

Quick Avocado and Tuna Dip

Quick dips are the most convenient way to put a few ingredients together and this one for example can be served with other vegetables or a salad or spread on toast and can make a great main meal or a snack. For the quick Avocado and tuna dip you will need: 1 large can Blue Angel tuna fish 1 avocado 2 tablespoons light mayonnaise … Read More Quick Avocado and Tuna Dip


Quick Pea and Cashew Dip [Vegan]

Pea and Cashew Dip by Lea Hogg, Malta


Feta Cheese Dip

‘Feta with fresh herbs, lots of mint and tomatoes is always one of the most favourite dips’


Hummus bi Tahini using chickpea flour

‘from Turkey to Israel, this Middle Eastern dip originates from Egypt and has become the most popular dip in the world today.   So many versions around but I always follow the Lebanese recipe from my childhood.  The difference in my recipe today is that instead of using chickpeas I use gram flour [chickpea flour or besan] which gives a creamier texture and is … Read More Hummus bi Tahini using chickpea flour

Minty Favetta dip and Regatta Day

A public holiday with much celebration, a regatta, Victory Day and and the feast of ‘Marija Bambina‘ It is hot and humid, very humid and at around 7 pm local time we start to feel a gentle and welcome breeze. I love the heat but the high level of humidity makes the day uncomfortable unless you are enjoying a day at the beach. My … Read More Minty Favetta dip and Regatta Day

Quick Dips for parties or starters

We are always too short of time to spend hours in the kitchen and quick dips are always the perfect solution for entertaining a large crowd outdoors. Here are some quick dips I made on tv recently

Serve with fresh bread, vegetable crudités, potato skins and galletti.

A smooth and spicy guacamole dip …

Still in a mood where I want to see vibrant colors in my food to compliment the holidays, I made a guacamole dip yesterday. As long as the avocados are ripe and you squeeze lime juice straight away to prevent it from loosing its color, you cannot ever go wrong with this dip. I usually like mine with chunks in it, more texture, but … Read More A smooth and spicy guacamole dip …