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A royal visit this weekend

The island has been preparing for a visit from the Duchess of Cambridge. But yesterday changes were announced and this weekend Prince William is due to visit a tiny island in the heart of the Mediterranean to celebrate Independence Day And as there is no better Ambassador for British Cooking than Delia Smith, here is one of my favourites for the occasion. The old … Read More A royal visit this weekend


Hot Cross Buns

Traditional hot cross buns with yeast are a must on Good Friday and when they are homemade they are even more special.

Parmesan and Rose Peppercorn Scones

A day of humidity, close cloudy skies but for me a glorious day everyday on this little Mediterranean island. Today I am going to mum’s for tea and although she adores my cakes and pastries, she prefers something savory so I am making some Parmesan and Rose Peppercorn Scones and I use the basic recipe from Delia’s online cookery course http://www.deliaonline.co.uk. I omit the … Read More Parmesan and Rose Peppercorn Scones


Quick All-in-one Sponge

There is nothing better than simplicity. This is the simple, perfect sponge adapted from Delia Smith’s recipe.  There is no creaming method, or pre-stages.  You just use an electric hand whisk to bring the ingredients together by putting them into the mixing bowl at the same time and this is one of the reasons why it is so perfect because it is also so … Read More Quick All-in-one Sponge