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All-in-one [no mixer] Banana Date and Oat Cake

Baking and summer do not go together but if you have to bake in this Maltese summer heat, because you may still want a healthier type of cake, this is the answer as it is an all-in-one with no equipment required. Another reason why I like the recipe, as the washing up is minimal. Sugar can be replaced with stevia and apart from the ripe bananas, more sweetness comes from the dates.


Date and Ricotta Muffins

‘I sometimes use ricotta instead of butter or oil to make these delicious date muffins. They are unbelievably quick to make and I use the rub in method

Gluten Free Date Bars with Buckwheat

Like most of my recipes, this is an easy straightforward one … I loved these Gluten Free Date Bars with Buckwheat when I made them at Le Meridien last week and I am making them again today at home. They are very moist and soft yet the cake does not crumble when you cut it provided you let it cool completely. I topped the … Read More Gluten Free Date Bars with Buckwheat