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Gluten Free Amaretti Cookies

Here is a gluten free version of my amaretti cookies. They are soft and chewy and also freeze well. Like all my recipes they are very easy to make and are perfect to end a meal, even in the height of a Maltese heat wave.

Maltese Village Cookies [Biskuttini tar-rahal] – no added fats

There are several recipes of traditional Maltese rusks but I particularly like this one with no added fats and a straightforward nearly all-in-one method.


My Syrian Feast

Tucked away in a side street in Gzira you will find Hasan with a wonderful variety of fresh Syrian dishes and he also shared some great recipes which I made during this week’s tv show.


Healthier Maltese Sesame Otti with olive oil and stevia [egg free, Vegan]

I used Renato Briffa’s recipe to make a healthier version of these traditional Maltese biscuits and used olive oil and stevia instead of sugar,butter or lard.  I also added some tahini to acquire a more intense sesame flavour and brushed the cookies ever so lightly with sesame oil as soon as I took them out of the oven.’ Photography: Ian Noel Pace, CJ Baldacchino and … Read More Healthier Maltese Sesame Otti with olive oil and stevia [egg free, Vegan]


Garibaldi biscuits made with olive oil (lactose free, diabetic friendly)

We made Garibaldi biscuits today. Quick, fresh and delicious. Nothing beats home baking and I added spices and fresh citrus zest to the pastry which is made with olive oil. You will need: 120g self raising flour a pinch of salt 25 ml olive oil the equivalent of 50g sugar in stevia (check the labeling to find out the conversion of 50g of sugar) … Read More Garibaldi biscuits made with olive oil (lactose free, diabetic friendly)

Carnival Treats

Carnival weekend is with us and the feast before the fast. We served Prinjolata during my Saturday baking morning yesterday and my crunchy potatoes. The traditional prinjolata recipe can be found here in English and in Maltese. There are other Carnival treats such as quick and easy cupcakes to make with the kids. ( and click here for Carnival Cupcakes recipe in Maltese ). … Read More Carnival Treats


Ginger Crescent Cookies for Christmas

Light textured ginger crescents , another straightforward easy recipe that I baked today … You will need: 2 cups butter 1 1/2 cups icing sugar 3 teaspoons ginger powder A few drops vanilla 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon mixed spice 2 eggs 4 1/2 cups flour For coating: 2 cups Icing sugar 2 teaspoons ginger If you wish to decorate: 100g white chocolate buttons … Read More Ginger Crescent Cookies for Christmas


Gluten Free Quinoa Cookies

  No added refined sugar, wheat free and you can swap the chocolate chips with dried fruit. And for the biscuits you will need: 35g Ground Almonds 280g Cooked Quinoa, according to instructions on pack 1 teaspoon baking powder (gf) 50 g dark chocolate chips or chopped 100g coconut 2 egg whites 100g peanut butter 100g applesauce 85g honey a few drops good vanilla … Read More Gluten Free Quinoa Cookies

Happy Labor Day USA and chocolate banana cookies

We commemorated Labor Day in the newspaper with a photo of Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley and US Ambassador to Libya Safira Deborah at a function to raise breast cancer awareness. Almost 250,000 new cases are expected in the US this year. And with a cup of tea this afternooon, tiny bite size chocolate and banana cookies covered with melted chocolate. They have reduced butter and … Read More Happy Labor Day USA and chocolate banana cookies

Very quick Sicilian Soft Marzipan Cookies

On the island we are used to these Sicilian so very soft marzipan cookies and everyone who tasted mine was not aware of any shortcuts to the original recipe. Time is a great commodity and I like a balance where you can still make home made food without spending hours in a hot kitchen. There is nothing better than what you make at home. … Read More Very quick Sicilian Soft Marzipan Cookies

Renato’s sesame cookies

A wonderful display of local pastries and breads prompted me to bake these so very delicious sesame cookies as soon as I went home. They are very easy to make and I use Renato’s old recipe. We love dunking them in our coffee. You will need: 315g flour 100g butter 1 spoon baking powder A few drops of a good vanilla extract Zest of … Read More Renato’s sesame cookies

Happy feast day Mr J! and Nadia makes Cantucci

Follow follow follow me on facebook x It is a public holiday on the island today and the name comes in all sorts of forms but to all the Josephs and Josephines I know and those i have yet to know, a happy feast day ! Happy Zeppoli Day ! Yesterday we were treated to the most brilliant natural light, something that many here … Read More Happy feast day Mr J! and Nadia makes Cantucci