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Chicken and cottage cheese baked Pulpetti

If you ask around what we mean by ‘pulpetti’ the answer would probably be ‘meatballs’.  In other cuisines, meatballs are round, and usually mouth-size.   So I share today my healthy quick recipe of baked patties, made with minced chicken and cottage cheese.  The health drive has really kicked in now and it needs to be a way of life rather than an interlude of … Read More Chicken and cottage cheese baked Pulpetti

All kinds of burgers – beef, chicken, bean, pork and Maltese Sausage burger recipes

Less time spent in the kitchen is a must in hot sunny Malta in the summer.   I somehow find it easier to stay and prepare easy meals at home especially if it is a family occasion and kids are around. Preparing burgers is easy and burgers are a crowd pleaser.  Most ingredients can be stocked in the kitchen cupboard and freezer.  I use easy-to-find … Read More All kinds of burgers – beef, chicken, bean, pork and Maltese Sausage burger recipes


Chicken, Feta and Kale Filo Pie

‘This is a great way to use up bits of filo that have broken up in the fridge or freezer. The tart may not look very attractive when you assemble it however when baked it becomes beautiful, sprinkled with sesame seeds, crispy and golden.

Spaghetti Squash Bowl filled with Creamy Shredded Chicken

‘the raw flesh and skin is similar to butternut squash but after it is cooked, the skin becomes shell-like, a sold outer layer that holds its shape even without the flesh.  The cooked flesh can be pulled apart into ribbon-like strands which I mixed with a creamy cheesy chicken and used to fill the shell and bake again.  If you are feel like a … Read More Spaghetti Squash Bowl filled with Creamy Shredded Chicken

#recipeoftheday Chicken Cacciatore

‘You will find my recipe for this classic Italian braised chicken dish on timesofmalta.com.   Add a touch of Rinatura Apple Vinegar and prepare this dish the day before as the flavors improve and it makes it worth rushing home to after a day’s work…. Source: Recipe: Chicken Cacciatore


Chicken Muffins

‘baking is a therapy for me, dipping my hands in flour and transforming it into light bakes, I could do it forever.  I have also tried these muffins with spelt flour and I love its silkiness and nutty flavor. You do get a lighter texture with self raising flour in this recipe though. A few of my readers requested chicken muffins and here they … Read More Chicken Muffins

Jasmine rice with chicken and broccoli

I get cravings from time to time for Oriental flavors and this quick dish is one of my favorites, ideal for those who do not usually cook oriental style meals at home. Always stock your store cupboard with a bottle of soy suave and sesame oil, necessities…. 🙂 You will need: 500g minced chicken 1 head broccoli, cut into florets, immersed in hot water … Read More Jasmine rice with chicken and broccoli

Chicken with Orange and Sage

I featured this dish on TV today. It is a quick, delicious weekday recipe that looks and tastes wonderful without taking up a lot of time to prepare ! You will need: 1 chicken 1 chopped apple with skin on 2 oranges chopped into segments with skin on 1 onion 2 cloves garlic Sage leaves Olive oil Salt and Pepper Fresh Pink peppercorns (optional) … Read More Chicken with Orange and Sage

BBQ Chicken Wings

There is nothing better than home made, including BBQ sauce.  I made chicken wings on tv today and they are always a hit.  This is low budget crowd-pleasing party food and this sauce works perfectly with spare ribs or drum sticks. Trim the wings, remove excess fat and cut off the tips.  Keep the tips and extra chicken remnants to make broth or stock. … Read More BBQ Chicken Wings

Quick chicken and barley stew

This is literally a whats-in-the-fridge stew using seasonal fresh vegetables. You will need a kilo of vegetables to every 500g of meat used. Add a grain or pulse and the result is a great home cooked meal that can be prepared the day before as it improves when left overnight in the fridge. It is such a good feeling to know you have a … Read More Quick chicken and barley stew


Chicken and Pumpkin Mash Pie

‘This is a quick delicious meal with as little added fat as possible. The fresh sage with the chicken and pumpkin is a delicious combination. It is gluten free, diabetic friendly and lactose free.’ 500g chicken pieces, I used breast, cut into cubes 50g smoked bacon, finely chopped 1 clove garlic, ground until it is puréed 1 onion, finely chopped 1 Chicken Stock Pot … Read More Chicken and Pumpkin Mash Pie

Polish Rosol

I have just returned from Lapanow in Poland where the Festival of Broth takes place every year. Rosol is a traditional clear Polish broth served with fine noodles or dumplings that are preferably home made. I had the opportunity to taste many versions made from old family recipes or those that are typically used in villages. Although very similar and using more or less … Read More Polish Rosol