Rustic and colorful… Local sourdough with Mediterranean peppered goats cheeslets


Last week I was given a sandwich for lunch bought from a cafe on an industrial estate. I never came across a combination of the fillings and it was wonderful.

The local peppered goats cheeslets have a unique flavor. My sandwich last week was spread with tomato purée which seems to keep the bread very moist and it included a crumbled up goats cheeselet, broad beans in garlic, salad, tuna, capers, olives… It was a combination that you would not dream of putting together.

So lunch today is my homemade version with two slices of Mediterranean sourdough bread drizzled with olive oil and spread with tomato purée. I crumbled up some local peppered goats cheeselets and topped with arucola and fresh mint and it just looks divine. Can’t wait till lunch time …