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oh so colourful in every way, the Maltese Carnival

This week’s carnival in Malta featured in our weekend show


Celebrate Carnival with Devon Custard Cream Prinjolata Pops

Click here to watch me make my Carnival recipe using Devon Custard Cream Biscuits

Maltese Carnival Prinjolata

‘The feast before the fast is with us again and you can watch my good friend Renato Briffa make traditional Prinjolata from an old recipe passed on to him by his dad who owned a well know confectionery in Old Mint Street Valletta between 1956 and 1987. ‘ And to make his prinjolata you will need: 625g flour 200g butter 2 teaspoons baking powder a few … Read More Maltese Carnival Prinjolata


Celebrating Carnival with Xkunvat

the traditional recipe from the days when his father had a confectionery in Old Mint Street Valletta for these maltese pastries which used to be shared at feasts and celebrations.

Carnival Treats

Carnival weekend is with us and the feast before the fast. We served Prinjolata during my Saturday baking morning yesterday and my crunchy potatoes. The traditional prinjolata recipe can be found here in English and in Maltese. There are other Carnival treats such as quick and easy cupcakes to make with the kids. ( and click here for Carnival Cupcakes recipe in Maltese ). … Read More Carnival Treats

Carnival and the month of love

To end Carnival weekend we made Fat Tuesday Fritelle

It has been rainy for the last few days, so unfortunate for carnival weekend. We made traditional Italian carnival fritelle last evening at home and I covered them in white icing and colorful confetti. They made me wish I still had little children around… I used a non stick dough maker that mum gave me some time ago but really these should be fried… … Read More To end Carnival weekend we made Fat Tuesday Fritelle

How my pops started off… Renato’s Carnival Cake

I got a few emails and blog messages last night requesting Renato’s recipe which I meant to add today but instead I am flagging a new post as you may miss it if I add it at the bottom… The photo above is how my pops started off yesterday. A small carnival cake using Renato’s recipe. It is festive and cheerful, with quasi Christmas … Read More How my pops started off… Renato’s Carnival Cake

Bring on the Carnival with Priniolata Pops

Carnival is a big event on the island with a long weekend of celebration starting Thursday and ending Tuesday. Last week when we were at the cafe in the City , I pointed out a display of the traditional carnival pine nut cakes (Prinjolata pronounced Priniolata), although pine nuts are only used to decorate. The cake is rich and sweet, so sweet that you … Read More Bring on the Carnival with Priniolata Pops


Morning in the City and Carnival Afghans (Egg Free)

I spent  a day in the City with a great friend. My bake of today is topped with sugared almonds or Perlini and not a premature Easter recipe. We are celebrating  carnival week on the island and perlini are as much associated with Carival as is prinjolata. Sitting in my favorite cafe with an espresso brings back memories of my childhood.  This was ‘the … Read More Morning in the City and Carnival Afghans (Egg Free)


Assorted Carnival Brigadeiros

Brigadeiros are Brazil’s most popular sweet. So ideal for a carnival spread and you can really go wild with the flavours. Cover with a selection of sprinkles and be as creative as you wish