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Tear and Share yeast-free bread

This quick bake produces yeast free fresh rolls which great to serve when feeding a crowd. These soda bread rolls can be made in a few minutes and baked in 20 minutes.


Egg free Christmas mincemeat Loaf with Buttermilk

‘Every year I save some of my Christmas Mincemeat to use the following year. The flavour matures and the taste improves over time and once we start to approach the beginning of November I like to use it up and make this egg free mincemeat loaf which is absolutely effortless but starts to remind me that Christmas is only round the corner. I made a variety of two different loaves this week, one in real time during the tv show.


Turmeric Tart with Orange Blossom Water [egg free]

‘This tart is adapted from the Lebanese ‘Sfouf’ made from semolina and turmeric.  It is moist, sweet and economical.  Orange flower water is very popular in Maltese sweets and the flavour marries very well with the exotic middle eastern flavours of this cake.  Turmeric is a spice with over 300 different components and it has many amazing properties.  I usually use the fresh root … Read More Turmeric Tart with Orange Blossom Water [egg free]

Yeast-free foccacia with buttermilk

You do not even need to measure the flour or buttermilk but I have included some guidelines here.