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No Knead Santa Lucia Saffron Buns

‘ For me the Swedish celebration of Santa Lucia symbolizes the arrival of Christmas.   Having been an expatriate within very mixed international communities, we always welcomed the arrival of the pretty flaxen haired girls with the candles.  Good memories of another lifetime.’ I made Santa Lucia  saffron buns this week.  The taste is very distinctive and do not overdo it with the saffron. … Read More No Knead Santa Lucia Saffron Buns

St Martin’s Loaf

This coming Sunday the feast of St Martin is celebrated and sweet yeast loaves together with nuts, clementines, figs and more are given to children in bags brimming at the seams to signify the abundance and bounty of this glorious land. Rather than the small loaves, we made one big one and Brian decorated it with liqorish sweets. You will need: 400g plain flour … Read More St Martin’s Loaf

Was the Chelsea Bun the Victorian Cronut of its time ?

I could not sleep tonight, one of those sleepless nights when the harder you try, the less you manage to nod off. I am an extremely early riser but this was too early for my usual routine and I decided to bake something for a night-time breakfast…. There is an added bonus because I love to work with yeast…. Chelsea buns are such iconic … Read More Was the Chelsea Bun the Victorian Cronut of its time ?