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Polish Rosol

I have just returned from Lapanow in Poland where the Festival of Broth takes place every year. Rosol is a traditional clear Polish broth served with fine noodles or dumplings that are preferably home made. I had the opportunity to taste many versions made from old family recipes or those that are typically used in villages. Although very similar and using more or less … Read More Polish Rosol

Maltese Brodu taċ-ċanga [Maltese Beef Broth]

The traditional beef broth is delicious and I am told that the two most important ingredients not to ever be missed out is local celery, a dark green variety with thinner stems and lots of black pepper. You can use Osso Bucco steaks which give the soup a wonderful flavor. There is nothing more delectable than eating the marrow out of the hole in … Read More Maltese Brodu taċ-ċanga [Maltese Beef Broth]