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Chicken and cottage cheese baked Pulpetti

If you ask around what we mean by ‘pulpetti’ the answer would probably be ‘meatballs’.  In other cuisines, meatballs are round, and usually mouth-size.   So I share today my healthy quick recipe of baked patties, made with minced chicken and cottage cheese.  The health drive has really kicked in now and it needs to be a way of life rather than an interlude of … Read More Chicken and cottage cheese baked Pulpetti


Very Quick Lasagne with less calories

As we approach the end of summer, I’m planning some warming meals, those kind that you can prepare quickly and will satisfy you at the same time. This lasagne is one to make for yourself. It is quick and does not need to look refined but hits that spot if you have a craving for a baked pasta dish.  I made them in individual … Read More Very Quick Lasagne with less calories


Baked Pasta Caprese

The salad that originated in Capri is a classic and in this pasta bake I use the same ingredients. It is lightly baked and then before it is served, I top it again with more of the same fresh ingredients.


Zucchini, mint and feta fritters

I like to make crispy fritters in the oven using hardly any added fats. I lightly coat the fritters and flour and brush them with olive oil to make them crispier.

The mixture easily holds together. I served with tzaziki but if you are in a rush, simply mix some Greek yoghurt with fresh mint, salt and a pinch of dried mint to use as a dipping sauce. I just love these and could eat them every day

Zucchini/courgettes and the round light green marrows that are so common here all make great fritters


Strawberry and Vanilla Valentines Cake

I think there is nothing more thoughtful than appreciating those around us by baking something delicious for them! After all, when we offer a sweet treat, people are more likely to reciprocate with sweetness. Moreover, nowadays Valentine’s, being celebrated today, is not just a lover’s holiday and we seem to be taking our cue from the US, where it is celebrated by everyone: children send Valentine cards to their parents and teachers, friends treat each other to gifts and even co-workers celebrate Valentine’s together and express gratitude for those around them. There is something more romantic and touching about baking a cake for Valentine’s than, for example, individual muffins. The thought of sharing a cake brings everyone together. When it is freshly baked, even before they see it, guests are greeted by the aroma that is only unique to baking.

Chicken with Orange and Sage

I featured this dish on TV today. It is a quick, delicious weekday recipe that looks and tastes wonderful without taking up a lot of time to prepare ! You will need: 1 chicken 1 chopped apple with skin on 2 oranges chopped into segments with skin on 1 onion 2 cloves garlic Sage leaves Olive oil Salt and Pepper Fresh Pink peppercorns (optional) … Read More Chicken with Orange and Sage

A taste of Soul with Miss Joyce Yuille

Miss Joyce Yuille performed at a concert hosted by the US Embassy on the island to commemorate the end of Black History Month. I had the pleasure of meeting with her on Friday afternoon. I instantly warmed up to her. It is one of those things, some people take time to grow on you… with Joyce we clicked straight away. She probably has the … Read More A taste of Soul with Miss Joyce Yuille

Gluten free Greek honey and fig Cheesecake….. using myzithra or ricotta

I made a light cheesecake, baked custard and cake all in one, my day of trying out new recipes in the hotel. It is also gluten free as we use cornstarch instead of flour, just a fabulous recipe…. I added figs and honey this time and the tasting bit is always the best part…silky, smooth yet a cakey texture with a defined honey flavor… … Read More Gluten free Greek honey and fig Cheesecake….. using myzithra or ricotta

A taste of New York…. baked ricotta cheesecake !

A typical New York cheesecake is made with cream cheese and sour cream but mine today is a taste of Italian New York. The best cheesecake I ever tasted was a ricotta baked cheesecake from Venieros in New York. This is where you can also get sugar free cookies and carb free cakes if you are watching your calories ! I remember coming back … Read More A taste of New York…. baked ricotta cheesecake !

Quick meals: Baked crustless Ricotta and roasted vegetable salad

As the evening approaches, the weather is cooling down slightly and there is a gentle breeze. The summers here bring abundant fresh fruit and vegetables and for tonight I am using fresh ingredients with reduced cooking time to retain all the flavors and goodness. I am preparing baked crustless ricotta in earthenware dishes, a salad of roasted vegetables with local limes and olive oil … Read More Quick meals: Baked crustless Ricotta and roasted vegetable salad