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Homemade energy bars and bliss balls

There are so many varieties of energy bars on the market today with whole sections in supermarkets filled with them. The different choices are overwhelming and some provide energy while others may be classed as low carb or high in protein. Most of them satisfy current food trends. Dried fruit bars became fashionable when they were marketed to a sports audience in the 1960s … Read More Homemade energy bars and bliss balls

Fortifying food with Aronia

I always try to fortify the food I prepare with ingredients that are bursting with goodness. I like using aronia [Aronia Melanocarpa from the Rosaceae family], because it is so versatile and can easily be added to juices, smoothies, jams, dressings and desserts. ┬áIt can also be used to replace artificial food colouring, as it produces a lovely… Source: Sunday Times Fortifying food with … Read More Fortifying food with Aronia

Dukkah fortified with Aronia and flavours from Egypt

Most of us find the preparation of home-made food satisfying and, in Egypt, I observed that many families find enjoyment in spending time together preparing abundant meals. Egyptian cuisine is not as widespread as Lebanese, but offers great vegan and vegetarian dishes that are reliant on beans… Source: Sunday Times Flavours from Egypt   I use Aronia concentrate in powder and liquid form from … Read More Dukkah fortified with Aronia and flavours from Egypt

Blueberry Loaf fortified with Aronia [Chokeberries]

‘Blueberries are a crowd pleaser and to fortify the loaf, I use Aronia [chokeberry] in a variety of forms, as dried fruits and concentrate in juice and powder form’ You will need: 280g self raising flour 1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 100g mascarpone vanilla a pinch of salt 100ml coconut milk 4 tablespoons agave 1 tablespoon organic apple vinegar 3 eggs 300g blueberries 150g … Read More Blueberry Loaf fortified with Aronia [Chokeberries]