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Quick moist all-in-one almond cake

This is yet another of my favourite easy cakes because it is straightforward and an all-in-one recipe.    The result is soft and moist and it is a good way to use up left over ground almonds  You can make it in advance and freeze the cake until you need it.  I like to double the ingredients and make one large one or two … Read More Quick moist all-in-one almond cake


A simple ricotta and almond base for any fruit tart

This is the quickest way to make a simple base for a fruit tart and once it has cooled down to pile it with your favourite fresh fruit in season.  Scatter some nuts, drizzle honey or agave and you will make it again and again. I use ready made short crust pastry and for the filling you will need: 500g ricotta 200g ground almonds … Read More A simple ricotta and almond base for any fruit tart


Using Labneh to make Quick Almond Cupcakes

These are really quick all-in-one almond cupcakes. For a gluten free recipe, substitute the self raising flour with a gluten free ready-mix of self raising flour. This recipe makes 12 regular size cupcakes.


Pippa’s Gluten Free Apple Almond Pudding

‘Pippa’s apple pie can be made so very quickly without the use of any kitchen appliances, simply mixed by hand. It is gluten free and Pippa grids whole blanched almonds for absolute freshness… and when its ready, the smell, the taste – just divine. If you are in a mood for an extra treat, Pippa suggests topping with fresh cream’


Orange Almond and Chocolate Cakes [gluten free, lactose free]

Maltese and Gozitan oranges come in all shapes, flavours and sizes, blood oranges with bright red flesh that taste very faintly of raspberries, some with big navels and no seeds, bitter Seville oranges brought to the island during Arab rule and in the open rambling countryside, you can find fragrant bergamot oranges


Weekend Baking: Maltese Almond Biskuttini [Vegan, reduced sugar]

For these traditional Maltese almond vegan biskuttini I use chickpea water [aquafaba] instead of egg to bind them


Quick Christmas Almond Muffins

‘Mascarpone produces great results in baking as an alternative to butter.  Did you know that 100g of Mascarpone has around 435 calories as opposed to 717 calories for every 100g  of butter.’ This is the easiest and quickest recipe, fresh cupcake in half an hour from start to finish. You will need: 100g mascarpone 50g brown sugar 4 eggs 125g self raising flour 125g … Read More Quick Christmas Almond Muffins

Anton’s Ricotta and Almond Tart

I adapted Anton’s recipe with no added butter and no sugar and for the crust you will need:

All-in-one quick Almond Cake

We love almonds on this island, in every shape and form, but especially in sweets and this is one of my favorite easy and straighforward almond cakes.  The result is soft and moist and it is a good way to use up left over ground almonds  You can make it in advance and freeze the cake until you need it. 100 g butter, room temperature 50 g … Read More All-in-one quick Almond Cake

Green Beans, simply cooked our way …

Follow follow follow me on facebook x Green beans, locally grown and so simply cooked but delicious. For the recipe visit Littlerock

Energy Balls with citrus zest (gluten free, no processed sugar)

There is something so satisfying when you know exactly what your’re eating. I use a mix of dates, figs, prunes, added almonds and lots of fresh tangerine zest. These energy balls are very easy to make and a good activity with the kids. I coated half the balls in sesame seeds and the other half in coconut. You can also make a very large … Read More Energy Balls with citrus zest (gluten free, no processed sugar)

Almond Snowdrops

Out of the oven freshly baked, melt-in-the-mouth, the lightest Almond Snowdrops. A perfect recipe, a dough so satiny that it is literally a pleasure to knead and to touch ! You must try them and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. You will need : 1 cup soft butter 1/2 cup icing sugar plus extra sugar for dusting 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup … Read More Almond Snowdrops