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An idyllic day on a idyllic island

I am not the biggest fan of Christmas Day.  Each year I spend the build up to Christmas feeling rather homesick, reliving memories of good times in other places where I had previous lives. However can one really be anywhere more idyllic with a perfect temperature of 18 C, the skies so clear and the air feeling so fresh.  Today is perfection itself.  Being … Read More An idyllic day on a idyllic island


Happy Christmas and the ’22’ kiddies

We welcomed some of the ’22’ Serb children  during this week’s special Christmas Edition TV Show.   They joined children from Maltese schools and we had christmas carols with Amy Marie Borg and Yvette Grixti and Christmas Story Time with Professor Victor Grech. Today the number is growing rapidly and TCN families of other nationalities are receiving rejection letters everyday to reject their children who … Read More Happy Christmas and the ’22’ kiddies