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Happy Chinese New Year

You can watch our Chinese New Year features on this week’s show.  Our guests this week are Marquis Nicholas De Piro, Miss Aida Daoud Bushra, Mr Anthony Bernard Our resident musicians, Ramona Zammit Formosa, Analise Cassar, Dorian Psaila Our resident stylist and image consultant:  Maria Bonavia Our make up artist, Analise Micallef and beauty by Ingrid Coleiro Our resident chefs, Travis Boyd and Chinese … Read More Happy Chinese New Year


Life and Style Weekend End of Year Show

You can now watch the end of  year show via the link below and hope  you enjoy it as much as we have ! Photos: Gino Galea Lea thanks Ange by Maria Bonavia, Analise The Make up Artist and Flormar


Happy 2019 x

Happy new year everybody!

Last’s weeks tv show will be available online very soon.

With thanks to all my talented and lovely guests who joined me to end the new year and to you all who welcome me into your homes every week. All the very best for another great year x