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Pork and Mushroom Red Coconut Curry with Quinoa

Serving quinoa with red curry makes it like a totally different dish.  This is a mild curry.  This dish can never go wrong as long as you use a good curry paste.  I prefer to use the large meatier mushrooms, cut into chunks rather than sliced so that they do not completely disintegrate. The dish improves if it is prepared the day before and … Read More Pork and Mushroom Red Coconut Curry with Quinoa


Which Self-Tan?

Why suffer many uncomfortable hours in the heat and cause damage to your skin when you can have an instant tan? I have tried over the years many self-tanning creams and inspite of using the same one which I was very happy with for a few years, I was given a new brand to try out this month and it has become a favourite. … Read More Which Self-Tan?


Upside Down Strawberry and Banana Crumble

An upside down crumble allows the juices to ooze out of the fruit and moisten the crumble mix, filling it with all those fruity flavours. It is quick to make and does not need hours in the kitchen making it an ideal dessert to serve with ice cream. I use a mix of strawberries and bananas but other fruits can be use such as … Read More Upside Down Strawberry and Banana Crumble


Spiralize your way through vegetables

If you like the idea of increasing your intake of vegetables and perhaps find more interesting ways for kids to eat vegetables, then a spiralizer is the answer. Having tried a number of them, I still go back to my favourite which is the hand held one as it requires very little effort, except of course, that opposed to an electrical one, it needs … Read More Spiralize your way through vegetables


Spinach Ricotta Picnic Pie

This spinach ricotta pie is the ultimate summer picnic comfort food.  This tart is beautiful when it is cut up after it is cooled down as it exposes the hard boiled eggs and is ideal for outdoor entertaining. Although the number of eggs in this recipe seem a lot, you can omit the hard boiled eggs but the idea is to cut it up … Read More Spinach Ricotta Picnic Pie


Fig Coffee Walnut Rose Trifle

What makes a dessert decadent ?

The ingredients, the flavours and the expectation as soon as you set eyes on it, stirring the imagination of what is yet to come. And this one does not disappoint and is certainly just decadent.


Do these beautiful edible flowers grow in your garden?

These delicate white flowers that grow in our garden are edible garlic chives or Chinese chives [Allium tuberosum [Latin], gau choy 韭菜 [Chinese] and nira [Japanese]. I remember seeing them in abundance in outdoor vegetable markets in Asia. The stems are a great flavour enhancer and the white flowers are perfect to finish off a salad.  If you do not like the idea of … Read More Do these beautiful edible flowers grow in your garden?


Quick oriental style Beef and Broccoli and how to cook perfect Basmati

This is one of the quickest dishes you can possibly prepare. For the best result I cut up the beef into very small pieces and cook it well before adding the other ingredients. Broccoli need to be just barely cooked.

‘God bless this year’s crop’ – Victor Tonna [farmer]

Local produce is so fresh on the islands.  The short distances make it possible that within less than 24 hours after harvest,  vegetables and fruit can be found in retail outlets and vegetable vans all over the islands.  It is not possible for the consumer to find any produce that is fresher. The entire process of the food chain is transparent and sustainable. This … Read More ‘God bless this year’s crop’ – Victor Tonna [farmer]


Very quick no-bake ricotta and greek yogurt flan

For a very quick summer dessert that requires no time spent in a hot kitchen this is a sweet that can be prepared in under 5 minutes provided you have all the ingredients at hand. You will need: 1 ready made Sponge flan 800g ricotta 100ml Greek Yoghurt 100g Sugar or the equivalent in stevia 300g candid peel and chopped dark chocolate (ratio according … Read More Very quick no-bake ricotta and greek yogurt flan


What do you think about the square neckline?

The square neckline that I am seeing so much at the moment reminds me of beautiful ladies in Jane Austen books.   It makes an attractive neckline for wedding dresses. The square neckline is suitable for all body types.  It is also good for ladies with a big bust as it provides a diversion and are a good frame for the decollete. This type of … Read More What do you think about the square neckline?


Baked Pasta Caprese

The salad that originated in Capri is a classic and in this pasta bake I use the same ingredients. It is lightly baked and then before it is served, I top it again with more of the same fresh ingredients.