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Very quick Gazpacho

‘For soup lovers, hot summers call for cold, refreshing soups. This gazpacho takes under 5 minutes to prepare and just chill for a few hours to also allow the flavors to combine.’


Kale Soup with gbejna and canellini beans

There is nothing like healthy homemade comfort food . Kale grows locally and is abundant with different varieties available in the market.’


Easy Carrot and Orange Cake

Easy carrot and orange cake with no butter and no sugar


Artichoke Salad in a pistachio crust

The ingredients come from this Mediterranean garden and I have also used ricotta, a most common ingredient here that you will find any day in every local kitchen.


Quick Everyday Meal: Broccoli and Hazelnut Pasta Shell Bake

This is a healthy pasta dish, shells filled with a mix of broccoli, hazelnuts and ricotta and baked in the oven to make a surprisingly light dish.


Scottish Red Lentil Soup, so healthy with no added fat..[gluten free, diabetic friendly]

I crave this soup, even during the hot summers and make it almost every week.

It is so quick to prepare, no blender, no chopping and you end up with a satiny pur̩e and a bit of texture Рit is just divine.

My Scottish mother-in-law was not too fond of cooking but she made this soup when I went to her home for the very first time in Irvine and I loved it so much that she made it for me each time I visited. This is her recipe.

It has no added fats, is so healthy and wholesome and if you are craving comfort food try this for a healthy option. I have mine as it is but you can put one of those fresh mozzarella balls in the bottom of the bowl or a fresh Maltese gbejna before pouring the hot soup in serve it with the option of grated parmigiano reggiano. It is just delicious and gets rid of all those hunger pangs very quickly !

Jam Making Day ! Fig Jam and Zucchini Ginger Jam …

What would you expect Paradise to be like ? I ask myself this question from time to time and wonder if it is similar to the tiny island in the Mediterranean where I now live. A heaven on earth, blissful, serene, surrounded by natural beauty… The sun shines nearly everyday and it is hot, very hot at times, but I love the heat. We … Read More Jam Making Day ! Fig Jam and Zucchini Ginger Jam …