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Sprouting Lentil Salad

the fresh taste of sprouting seeds added to any salad not only adds nutritional value but adds to the taste and texture and makes it even more visually attractive. This is a salad bursting with goodness and I particularly liked the lentil sprouting seeds from Antida and added them to a salad with daikon, mushrooms, carrots and baby spinach


A salad of barley, fresh herbs and fennel [Vegan, diabetic friendly]

One of my favourite barley recipes is using it in a salad. It is of course not gluten free and if you are following a gluten free diet, swap with quinoa. On tv I used 250g of barley to add volume to the recipe if feeding a large crowd.

Maltese Easter Figolli [gluten free, vegan, reduced sugar]

‘Making figolli [two cookie layers with a soft mazipan filling] is a good childhood memory if you were brought up in Malta and making them every Easter is a tradition for most Maltese families, even for those who usually do not make cakes and sweets.


Weekend Baking: Vegan Chocolate Muffins

I use linseed as an egg replacement for these very chocolaty and moist muffins. If you are looking for a diabetic friendly alternative use stevia instead of sugar. What I like about these muffins is that they really rise

Overnight Carrot Cake Oats [gluten free and vegan]

I love to incorporate in small amounts into recipes such as soups, smoothies and salads as well as raw desserts. Not only is it rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E and provides a good source of calcium, zinc and iron but I love its caramel flavour. Always add in small quantities.


Weekend Baking: Maltese Almond Biskuttini [Vegan, reduced sugar]

For these traditional Maltese almond vegan biskuttini I use chickpea water [aquafaba] instead of egg to bind them

Carrot and Date Bars [vegan, gluten free]

‘I like making my own cereal bars as i know exactly what has gone into them. ย This is a quick recipe and the result is amazing. ย Once they are completely cool, preferably the day after, I cut them up, pack them individually and freeze them’ You will need: 1 large carrot, grated a pod of vanilla 2 cupsย oats 1/2 cupย dates a pinch of salt … Read More Carrot and Date Bars [vegan, gluten free]

Very quick Gazpacho

‘For soup lovers, hot summers call for cold, refreshing soups. This gazpacho takes under 5 minutes to prepare and just chill for a few hours to also allow the flavors to combine.’


Couscous with Mediterranean Pomegranates and mint from the garden

A very light supper tonight using my peak pick of the week, the rosiest, juiciest pomegranates imaginable and fresh mint from the garden, all nurtured by the Mediterranean sun and goodness of the earth. There is something very Middle Eastern and exotic about the combination of pomegranates and mint. This is a simple, quick meal to prepare and so appealing to the eye that … Read More Couscous with Mediterranean Pomegranates and mint from the garden

Jam Making Day ! Fig Jam and Zucchini Ginger Jam …

What would you expect Paradise to be like ? I ask myself this question from time to time and wonder if it is similar to the tiny island in the Mediterranean where I now live. A heaven on earth, blissful, serene, surrounded by natural beauty… The sun shines nearly everyday and it is hot, very hot at times, but I love the heat. We … Read More Jam Making Day ! Fig Jam and Zucchini Ginger Jam …