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Figs and Pan de Higo [vegan, gluten free]

I am always left with the memory of where I got a first taste of something I really like that leaves an impression on me.Ā  IĀ  remember way back traveling from Malaga to Granada when I first came across this delicious fig ‘bread’ with flavours reminiscent of Arab sweets, in one of the villages on the Sierra Nevada.Ā Ā  I have been making it ever … Read More Figs and Pan de Higo [vegan, gluten free]


Overnight Carrot Cake Oats [gluten free and vegan]

I love to incorporate in small amounts into recipes such as soups, smoothies and salads as well as raw desserts. Not only is it rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E and provides a good source of calcium, zinc and iron but I love its caramel flavour. Always add in small quantities.

Quince Paste [Dulce de Membrillo]

Today I share a Portuguese/Spanish favorite, best served with a strong cheese. Membrillo originated around the 4th century and I hope it lives on forever. A few weeks ago I cut a big batch of quince. I just love this fruit, high in pectin that you need no binding agents when it is added to any dish. There seems to be two varieties on … Read More Quince Paste [Dulce de Membrillo]


Shakshouka with Halloumi

My Israeli friends tell me that two crucial ingredients are plenty of garlic and ground black pepper.


Watermelon Chili Preserve

  Watermelon is so refreshing and at the peak of its season now so i think its a good idea to take advantage while the price is low to stock up and store some for the winter months. We have spent the last month eating watermelon for breakfast with yoghurt, for lunch with local goats cheese and making endless fresh juices and home made … Read More Watermelon Chili Preserve

A simple healthy breakfast… Greek yoghurt with fig compote and pistachios

A combination of yummy and heaven, this is food that touches the soul. A compote of fresh figs in lime juice and zest enveloped in Greek yoghurt and scattered with pistachios…. How much better can it get ? And I make a batch of compote and keep it in an airtight container in the fridge and it lasts for up to a week…. You … Read More A simple healthy breakfast… Greek yoghurt with fig compote and pistachios

Jam Making Day ! Fig Jam and Zucchini Ginger Jam …

What would you expect Paradise to be like ? I ask myself this question from time to time and wonder if it is similar to the tiny island in the Mediterranean where I now live. A heaven on earth, blissful, serene, surrounded by natural beauty… The sun shines nearly everyday and it is hot, very hot at times, but I love the heat. We … Read More Jam Making Day ! Fig Jam and Zucchini Ginger Jam …