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Wuhan – where it all started

A couple of months ago this was one of those distant nightmares you hear about on international news sites, like those natural disasters that happen in faraway places.  This is where the nightmare started, on the verge of a possible outbreak here,  at our doorstep today.   Time no is not a luxury we  have right now and being vigilant is all we can … Read More Wuhan – where it all started


Memories of my mother – Professor Albert Fenech

My mother was Portuguese  and through various turns of life events came to Malta with two very young daughters, eventually ending up marrying my father.   She was ebullient, full of fun, had a great sense of humour [and a naughty one at that] She was a great home maker in spite of the modest means of our existence. We had a never ending … Read More Memories of my mother – Professor Albert Fenech


Francesca, a sweet and special treasure

I can say that meeting Francesca and parents Michelle and Roderick was one of my favorite moments this year.  Francesca sat very happily on my lap the last time they came by.  It was no big deal for her and she was very content amidst all the commotion around. When Michelle and Roderick found out she was expecting Francesca she felt that God will … Read More Francesca, a sweet and special treasure

A visit from Professor Jane Somerville

Professor Jane Somerville is a pioneer in the medical field.   She created a new specialty within cardiology to care for grown ups with congenital heart disease [GUCH].  She is Emeritus Professor of Cardiology at Imperial College London and was the cardiologist for the first heart transplant operation in 1968. Professor Somerville set up a clinic in Malta which runs from Mater Dei and … Read More A visit from Professor Jane Somerville


The abortion question in Malta – Professor Jane Somerville

A total ban on abortion may endanger the life of women. Professor Jane Somerville explains her views. She says,  “The abortion question in Malta is a very tricky one. And I understand both sides, of course.’ ‘First of all you have to have some sort of opinion in order to guide. But it has to be very open-minded and I respect both sides. And  … Read More The abortion question in Malta – Professor Jane Somerville


More cognitive stimulation exercises for dementia patients

Reuben Vella Bray and his assistant Charlese demonstrated another therapy session that they use for patients with Alzeimers in the nursing home.  You can watch the show by clicking here Everyday scenes that are made up of fabrics with different colours and textures such as ‘City Life’ are placed on a flat surface and patients are assisted to build a scenario by placing related … Read More More cognitive stimulation exercises for dementia patients


Yoga with Pamela and Daisy

It was so beautiful and surreal to watch Pamela doing some warm up exercises before she was due on air with her 6 year old daughter Daisy.

And after her second visit, I can say that I am convinced that yoga with kids is a positive and beneficial activity for a parent and child.

Pamela and Daisy were so relaxed and focused on their activity that they are synchronized, in complete unision with each other and there was something magical about the bond between them.

With the such a lot going on in the studio, the crew, the rest of the guests on the show and the filming, I could not help but notice that Daisy was completely oblivious to all the commotion around her. It seemed that her mother was the only person in the room.

Quality time with your kid/s is so important and yoga with kids certainly gives you that.


Cognitive Stimulation Therapy in cases of Dementia

Reuben Vella Bray speaks about his role as General Manager of Jasmine Nursing Home in Msida and the amazing results that are being achieved with the introduction of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy [Reuben prefers to use the term ‘Cognitive Activities Therapy’] as a holistic treatment for patients with dementia.

Yoga for kids

Pamela explains that children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves.