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Flowering Sage

In season now, sage is in full bloom and the flowers which are much milder in flavour than the leaves.  They are a wonderful addition to a salad, in moderation. Use them to decorate a cake, to make herbed vinegar or olive oil, or simply pour hot water over them to make a tea infusion.  Add them dried to your salt or pepper grinder, … Read More Flowering Sage

+ Avocado Tuna Feta Salad by Lea Hogg

Today’s Quick Salad: Tuna Feta Avocado

I love salads and most people do. Although this cannot be simpler I am asked a lot why I add certain ingredients. First of all flavour and texture is important as is healthy and filling.


Making high protein healthy sandwiches

Travis used a variety of breads to make high protein sandwiches with some delicious fillings. Fibre Bread with Pesto, cottage cheese,  avocado, tomatoes and fresh basil . Multigrain Bread   with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, red peppers,  spring onions, cinnamon and cream cheese  Multiseed Bread with smoked salmon, mayonnaise, cucumber and rucola Wholemeal Bread with turkey breast, hummus, pesto and lettuce   Fresh ingredients make … Read More Making high protein healthy sandwiches


Easy Easter Biscuits

Traditional in the UK, these easter biscuits are covered with melted chocolate and it is a great activity to keep kids occupied in the holidays and prepare some home made gifts for friends and family.


Sunday Lunch Buffet at La Branda Riveria Hotel and Spa, Mellieha

La Branda Riveria hotel is not somewhere you might drop in as you are driving past as it is in the very north point of the island, tucked away in Marfa Bay. But the drive to the peak where the island of Comino is very visible and where you can also see Gozo at a distance, is beautiful and gives you time to build … Read More Sunday Lunch Buffet at La Branda Riveria Hotel and Spa, Mellieha


This week’s show

You can watch this week’s show by clicking here   Dance Therapy for Dementia patients, live music, behind the scenes and an eyebrow tutorial   Lent is nearly with us, Kwarezimal by Jespers the Danish Baery   Traditional Maltese Pumpkin and rice pie which originates from the North of the island and Oak Leaf Salad with brazil nuts   Sleep Coaching, running a successful … Read More This week’s show


Healthier Maltese Style Christmas Log

The Maltese Christmas log is an unbelievably easy to make. It is a no-bake, fuss-free quick recipe and it will always taste wonderful as long as you use a good quality chocolate to coat it. It is usually made with condensed milk.

I think every can relax and enjoy their favourite sweets at Christmas but for a healthier, vegan, no added processed sugar version, try this recipe !


The Nutcracker Soldier

I have seen tin soldiers, wooden soldiers but never one as perfect as this made out of pure solid chocolate, 100% edible and handcrafted by Andrew Farrugia, a world renowned chocolate artist and carver.


Pomegranate and Raspberry Yoghurt

The range of greek yoghurts in local supermarkets is vast and sometimes it is confusing to know which one to choose.


All-in-one Macaroni Bake [lactose free]

‘I love all-in-one recipes, be it cakes, soups or anything.  My recipe here is a simply all-in-one, bake and eat !’   You will need: 500g macaroni a pinch of smoked paprika 1/4 teaspoon grain mustard 1 tablespoon flour 250g tinned tomatoes 100ml water 1 egg 1 small onion, chopped and cooked a grating of fresh nutmeg fresh ground pepper and sea salt 200g … Read More All-in-one Macaroni Bake [lactose free]