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Catch us at Cafe Riche this weekend

One of my guests is musicologist Dr Lydia Buttigieg with her harp. We will be transmitting from the iconic Cafe Riche in Cospiqua. Not to be missed.


Meeting Gorgia Muscat in Qormi village square

Meeting Giorgia Borg, sitting on the doorstep in the village square, as she awaited daily mass to start in the main church was refreshing because she reminded me of the importance of the yearly feast for those who live locally.


Happy 4th of July

You can watch CDA Mark Schapiro’s interview today on Net TV at 8.15pm. It will be repeated throughout the weekend and will be available via Net On Demand


Getting to know a most talented harpist

Every performance has its unique experience, whether being as an orchestral or chamber harpist or as a solo performer.


Kate Fenech Field on Teatru Manoel Education Programme this season

You can watch Kate Fenech Field from Teatru Manoel Education Programme on the accessible theatrical education programme suited for ALL ages. Click here to find out more about Toi Toi    

The spirit of the George Cross is very much alive

Proudly wearing miniatures of their fathers’ medals, we were joined this week by two couples from East Kent in the United Kingdom, Lindsay and Ken Thacker and Janet and Edward Barkway.

The statues of Good Friday

Good Friday  is a very important day on the island and in every parish throughout the afternoon, processions take over most villages and towns.  This tradition is wonderful and very vibrant. Excitement fills the air as the adored statues decorated with fresh flowers emerge into the crowded streets.  Participants dress as Pontus Pilate, soldiers and other characters as they remember the last few hours … Read More The statues of Good Friday

Utter devotion – Marija Addolorata at San Gorg in Qormi

I was so impressed when I first saw the pure devotion and adoration of Marija Addolorata during Holy Week and in the parish of San Gorg in Qormi, old traditions are very much alive.   It would be nearly impossible to find a community more united.     Heritage and traditions are here to stay Sacrifices, devotion and repentance of sins       … Read More Utter devotion – Marija Addolorata at San Gorg in Qormi


Getting to know Dr. Reuben Pace

  One thing that stands out in your work is your interest in the history, language and culture of Malta.  Was City of Humanity your initial idea or a collaboration of ideas ?   City of Humanity was my initial idea born out of the love for my country’s heritage, history and language. Eventually when i met Ġorġ Peresso during my search for a … Read More Getting to know Dr. Reuben Pace


Don’t miss out on Lord of the Flies at Teatru Manoel this weekend!

To book your tickets for Lord of the Flies this weekend, click here                       Photos: Sean Azzopardi/Mark Zammit Cordina  

Flowers for a leading lady

Every leading lady deserves a bouquet of fresh flowers. It was a pleasure to have Nicola Said with us.


This week’s show

You can watch this week’s show by clicking here   Dance Therapy for Dementia patients, live music, behind the scenes and an eyebrow tutorial   Lent is nearly with us, Kwarezimal by Jespers the Danish Baery   Traditional Maltese Pumpkin and rice pie which originates from the North of the island and Oak Leaf Salad with brazil nuts   Sleep Coaching, running a successful … Read More This week’s show