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Meeting with President George Vella

What a month it has been since the publication of Oliver Friggieri: Sketches and Poems.  It was a great pleasure to be received this week at San Anton Palace  by His Excellency The President of the Republic of Malta, Dr George Vella together with Professor Oliver Friggieri and Professor Victor Grech, Illum iltqajt mal-Professur Oliver Friggieri li ppreżentali l-ktieb “Oliver Friggieri: Sketches and Poems” … Read More Meeting with President George Vella

The Maltese ‘Presepju’ – Christmas Nativity in Valletta

It is well worth making the time to go and visit the exhibition organised by Charles Bellia on behalf of ‘Friends of the Crib at the iconic Palazzo Ferreria also known as Palazzo Buttigieg Francia just as you pass the main entrance to Valletta.   The exhibition will be open until 5 January.   Entrance is free and if you can also find more information … Read More The Maltese ‘Presepju’ – Christmas Nativity in Valletta


Happy Christmas and the ’22’ kiddies

We welcomed some of the ’22’ Serb children  during this week’s special Christmas Edition TV Show.   They joined children from Maltese schools and we had christmas carols with Amy Marie Borg and Yvette Grixti and Christmas Story Time with Professor Victor Grech. Today the number is growing rapidly and TCN families of other nationalities are receiving rejection letters everyday to reject their children who … Read More Happy Christmas and the ’22’ kiddies

Restored to perfection – 3 Cities Auberge in Bormla

It was no small undertaking when Annette Rolfe and her partner Michael Wurm decided to restore a large house of character in Oratory Street in Bormla. I visited them earlier this month and you can appreciate the beauty of this restoration in the clip here which was filmed for my lifestyle weekend tv show.  It is now now up on my youtube channel You … Read More Restored to perfection – 3 Cities Auberge in Bormla


What’s in season in late October?

Just checking out the fresh produce that seasonal this month, whats new in the market and the best  budget buys on the islands. It is important when we use fruit and vegetables in recipes to use it fresh.  It makes a difference in the taste.  So best to buy small quantities and more often and this also avoids waste. The budget buy this week … Read More What’s in season in late October?


Kefir as a frozen dessert – and this one is lactose free

Kefir is an Eastern European ingredient that I fell in love with as soon as I started seeing it on the shelves of the Bulgarian and Polish specialist shops and Russian deli a few years ago. It is an ancient ingredient and has been used for over 2000 years.  The taste is tangy and fermented and it is a stronger version of a drinkable … Read More Kefir as a frozen dessert – and this one is lactose free


Green Lentil, Parsley and Lime Soup with Soft Gozitan Gibna

Green lentils keep their texture and have a richer flavour than the orange variety.  For this soup I use a hand held blender [pulse setting] to puree the soup lightly and the final result has a mix of whole green and pureed lentils. It is very quick to prepare, no chopping and served with a Gozitan fresh goat’s milk gibna, it makes a very … Read More Green Lentil, Parsley and Lime Soup with Soft Gozitan Gibna


Organic Iced Smoothies

Kids are always more eager to eat something when they help to prepare it.  I particularly like making ice lollies with them because the process keeps them occupied for a while and during the hot summer these have been a treat for all the family.     We start off with preparing the moulds on the tray provided.  Then simply use one of your … Read More Organic Iced Smoothies


School-friendly quick muffins

I made these quick muffins on tv and they are ideal for putting into your kids’  lunch boxes or to send in to share for a celebration. Use gluten free flour if they are meant to be for sharing.  I usually omit the brown sugar when I make mine as I find the sweetness from the carrot and apple is enough but it depends … Read More School-friendly quick muffins


The language of food – Prickly Pear Paddles

The language of food can vary even in two islands that are just over 20 km away from each other.  😉 Saute of Prickly Pear Paddles


A product that changed my hair this summer

Quite suddenly this summer, my hair started to feel dry and lifeless – a result of too much styling, the heat and the consequences of bleaching, highlights and days in the sun. So Antonella recommeded the new Moisture Plus Lotion by Milkshake Hair Products which accompanies the Moisture Plus Range. The Moisture Plus Lotion contains organic papaya extract and hyaluronic acid for age and colour … Read More A product that changed my hair this summer


Calorie Counter #2

Sunflower seeds in particular,  offer a good replacement for nuts because they taste very nutty. I like to dry roast mine by shaking them in a very hot pan over high heat for a few seconds to add that roasted flavour. Portion size comes into this as well as although they are very high in fibre, minerals and vitamins  [Vitamins E, B complex, magnesium, … Read More Calorie Counter #2